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Very Scarce Non-Engraved Casehardened/Blue Finished Remington-Rider Magazine Pistol
Documented 1733 Dated
Hunting Garniture of Three Engraved, Silver Mounted, Gilt Accented, and Carved Flintlock Firearms of Duke
Featuring the Milan J. Turk Collection
 Documented, Individual Shipped Sharps Model 1874 Creedmoor No. 1 Rifle Owned by Union Civil War Veteran and Western Frontier Explorer
General W.E. Strong
   Rare and Desirable Remington Hepburn Schoyen Walker Pattern Rifle
 Factory Engraved Marlin Ballard Deluxe No. 4 1/2 A-1 Mid-Range Target Rifle
 Very Fine, Documented Factory Engraved Marlin Ballard No. 6 1⁄2 Off-Hand Rifle
 Excellent Factory Panel Scene Engraved Marlin Ballard No. 6 1⁄2 Rigby Rifle
 Outstanding Documented Cased Pair of Scarce L.D. Nimschke Engraved Gold and Silver Finished Brown Manufacturing Southerner Deringers with Pearl Grips
   Attractive, Finely Engraved, Silver Mounted 16th Century Saxon “Left Hand” Parrying Dagger with Matching Engraved and Mounted Scabbard
  Ornate Pair of Gold Inlaid and Silver-
Mounted Flintlock Pistols
 Attractive Pair of Chiseled and Pierced Early Italian Flintlock Pistols
 Ernst August von Saxe-Weimar
    The Finest Conditioned Remington Arms Elliot 5-Shot Ring Trigger Pepperbox Pistol with Pearl Grips In Existence
Exceptionally Scarce, Inscribed, E. Remington & Sons Coral Colored Cane Gun with Small Curved Handle
Possibly the Finest Factory Engraved Remington Rider Magazine Pistol
 Rare and Extraordinary The Finest Known Blued Remington Zig Derringer
Exceptionally Scarce, Early Production
E. Remington & Sons “Shot Only” Smoothbore Percussion Cane Gun with “Ball and Claw” Handle
Extremely Rare Remington-Rider
All Brass “Parlor Pistol” Derringer
Over 30 Collectable Canes in this Auction
   Scarce Desirable E. Remington & Sons Thomas Patent Rimfire Cane Gun with Rare Takedown Barrel and Dog’s Head Handle
  Scarce E. Remington
& Sons Thomas Patent Rimfire Cane Gun with Very Desirable Large Silver “Dog’s Head” Handle

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