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Kokura Arsenal Type 99 Light Machine Gun
Group Industries/ IMI UZI Submachine Gun
70 Class III Firearms in this Auction
 Documented U.S. Marine Corps Mail Guard/ Law Enforcement Shipped Colt Model 1921/1928 U.S. Navy Overstamp
Thompson Submachine Gun
 Specialty Arms/SACO- Lowell M60 Medium Machine Gun
  Haenel M.P.18.I Submachine Gun
U.S. Guide Lamp M3 Submachine Gun
Extremely Rare Early Production Colt/Armalite Model 01 AR-15 Automatic Rifle
   Fleming Firearms/ Heckler & Koch HK51 Machine Gun
 German Haenel/R.W.D. MP44 Automatic Assault Rifle
 Colt M16 Automatic Rifle
  Soviet PPSh41 Submachine Gun
 U.S. Auto-Ordnance M1A1 Thompson Submachine Gun
 U.S. Colt Model 1918 Browning Automatic Rifle
 Scarce Springfield Armory (Inc) M1A Full Automatic Battle Rifle with Box
 United Defense/ Marlin M42 Submachine Gun
 German Erma MP40 Submachine Gun
 French SIDARME Chauchat Light Machine Gun with Finnish Army Acceptance Mark
 U.S. Inland M1 Carbine Upgraded to an M2 Automatic Carbine
 Japanese Type 92 Light Machine Gun
  German DWM/ Spandau 08/15 Maxim Belt Fed Machine Gun
Group Industries M37 Belt Fed Machine Gun
SWD/Polytech AKS Automatic Rifle
Inglis Mark II BREN Machine Gun
                                Premier Auction: Fine, Historic & Investment Grade Firearms - December 3rd, 4th & 5th, 2021
Class III

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