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      tleman’s’ Pursuit
Exceptional, Winston G. Churchill Master Game Scene Engraved Holland & Holland Model De Luxe Sidelock Ejector .577 Nitro Express
Dangerous Game Double
Rifle with Case
FRESH, Exceptional, and Historic Cased Second Year
Production Colt Single Action
Army Revolver with Ammunition Owned by General Emory Upton, “Father of the
Modern U.S. American Military”
 General Emory
Magnificent Conrad Ulrich
Factory Engraved Marlin
Deluxe Model 1893 Special
Lightweight Lever Action Takedown Rifle
Extremely Rare and Historic Colt Model 1910 Semi- Automatic Pistol Serial Number 7
  ibuted to
Brigham Young
Historic Beehive Engraved
C. Sharps & Co. Breech
Loading Percussion Pistol-Rifle Attr
Brigham Young with a Notarized Affidavit from a Descendant of the Young Family
Extraordinary Pair of Exhibition Quality Gilded Simon of Paris Flintlock Pistols with Silver Chiseled Furniture and Stock
raved Wheellock eous Polychrome Decorated Stock
Extraordinary, Historic, and Well-Documented L.D. Nimschke Signed, Master Panel Scene Engraved, and Monogrammed “Solid Silver” Frame
Winchester Model 1866 Lever Action Rifle Special Ordered for Presentation by President Jose Balta of Peru to President Mariano Melgarejo of Bolivia

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