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Auction Date: December 3, 2010

Lot 1584: Mauser - P08

Sold for Mauser - P08
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Outstanding Nazi 1939 Mauser Factory Engraved and Gold Plated Presentation Luger Given To The Nazi Ambassador Franz Von Papen By Foreign Minister of The Reich Joachim Von Ribbentrop With Authentication From Mauser Factory Consultant
Estimated Price: $30,000 - $60,000
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Serial #Mauser - P08 ManufacturerMauser ModelP08
TypePistol Gauge9 Mm Luger Catalog Page16
Barrel4 Inch Round FinishGold Plated GripWalnut Checkered
Stock ClassCurio & Relic Handgun RatingSee Condition
DescriptionWhat an exceptional example of certainly a "One Of A Kind" WWII German Mauser factory engraved and gold plated Luger pistol. This Luger pistol was owned and presented by two prominent Nazi party members with long time association or affiliations to Adolf Hitler and his rise to power in the early 1930s. Joachim von Ribbentrop was the son of a German Army officer who was born in Wesel Germany in 1893. He served in WWI with the 125th Hussar Regiment where he won the Iron Cross. After being seriously wounded in 1917, Ribbentrop joined the Germany War ministry and became a member of the German Delegation that attended the Paris Peace Conference after WWI. In May 1932 he joined the NSDAP, National Socialist German Workers Party, where he quickly rose in rank and eventually became Hitler's foreign affairs advisor in 1933. Later the NSDAP would evolve into the standard "Nazi Party". He was eventually appointed as the Ambassador to London. He was instrumental in the various pre-war negotiations with France and Great Britain and was also instrumental in the negotiations and signing of the Nazi-Soviet pack in 1939. In June 1945 he was arrested and charged with war crimes but denied any knowledge or involvement in the German Concentration camps and racial extermination policies. He was later tried at Nuremburg at the Nazi War Trials, found guilty and was executed in October 1946. Franz von Papen was born in Werl Germany in 1879, the son of a wealthy landowner. In 1914 he was posted to Washington as a military attaché, however in 1915 he was accused of being a saboteur and was forced to leave the US. He joined the German Army and served as a general staff officer at the outbreak of WWI. After WWI he joined the Catholic Centre Party (BVP) and in 1921 was elected to the Reistag. Two years later he purchased a controlling interest in the leading newspaper "Germania" he attempted to use the paper as means to promote his right-wing policies and was later ousted. He remained a low level political figure until May 1932 when he was appointed as the Chancellor by Hindenburg. Later he lifted the ban on the Sturm Abteilung (SA) and gained considerable support from the Nazi party. Later von Papen persuaded Hindenburg to appoint Hitler as the new Chancellor, and then became the Vice-Chancellor. Later after supporting Hitler after the "Night of The Long Knives" he was appointed as ambassador to Austria in 1934-1939 with an additional posting to Turkey in 1939-1944. In 1945 he was charged with conspiring to start WWII but was found not guilty. In 1947 the German Government charged him with crimes and offences while Hitler was in power and was sentenced to eight years in prison. He served only two and was released in 1949. He died in 1969 in Obersasbach. This pistol was procured for the German Ministry as a standard Commercial Police model, that has the sear safety over the side plate, along with the "Eagle C" police proof on the right side of the barrel extension and the standard "Crown over U" proof on the left side of the barrel extension. The chamber area is stamped 1939 for the year of manufacture with the standard Mauser Banner logo on the front toggle. The entire pistol has been just meticulously engraved with a traditional German Oak Leaf, Acorn and scroll engraving with a punch dot back ground for shading, that covers 99% of the exposed surfaces of the pistol. The only noted area that is NOT engraved is the very upper portion of the rear grip strap. The engraving on this pistol was obviously performed by a Master Engraver as the overall layout and attention to detail it just fantastic and meticulous. The side plate also has a small coat of arms of the Von Papen family. The dark walnut grips have also been hand carved in a large Oak Leaf and Acorn pattern and the left grip carries a small 1 1/2 X 2 1/2 inscription plate that reads; "Seiner Exzellenz/Herrn Botshafter Franz von Papen/in tiefster Verehrung/uberreicht von Joachim von Ribbentrop/Aussenminister des Deutchen Reiches", translated reads, "His Excellency/the Honorable Ambassador Franz von Papen/in deepest dedication/given by Joachim von Ribbentrop/Foreign Minister of the German Reich". This Luger is accompanied by a copy of short letter dated 1986 from Dr. Rolf Gminder a consultant to the Mauser-Werkes factory who had viewed the pistol noting that it was fully engraved in a very high quality style probably executed in Suhl Thuringia and that the gun itself has been gold-plated in the old fashion done around the 1939/1940 in the heat process (Feuervergoldung). This Luger is accompanied by an original Mauser factory leatherette case with green felt interior, that has individual compartments that holds two gold plated magazines the gold plated and carved handle cleaning rod, the gold plate take down tool and a gold plated punch.

ConditionExcellent with 99% of the original factory Gold plated finish showing just some minor rub areas form the gun being cycled over the years. The carved walnut grips are also in excellent condition. The case and noted accessories are all in excellent condition. The Luger has all matching numbers to include both original Gold Plated magazines. Certainly a One of A Kind Historic Gold Plated German presentation luger pistol.
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