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John Moses Browning's High Power Pistol

Danielle Hollembaek 8/22/2019 You’d be hard pressed to find a firearm designer who will ever be as important as or more prolific than John Moses... Read More

Semi Automatic Revolvers: The Webley-Fosbery and Mateba

Guest Blog 08/20/2019 At the end of the 19th century, governments around the world began seeing the functional advantages of semi automatic pistols over single... Read More

Reproduction Old Guns Are More Difficult Than They Seem

Guest Blog 08/14/2019 Almost any gun forum on any given month will have at least one person asking “Why can’t I get a cheap reproduction... Read More

Japanese Nambu Pistols

Danielle Hollembaek 08/06/2019 The Nambu pistol is a classic Japanese semi-automatic handgun created for military service by its namesake Kijirõ Nambu. Like many Japanese military... Read More

Answering Your Questions About Rock Island Auction Company

08/02/2019 At the beginning of July, we issued a short survey about our gun auction catalogs, how you bid at Rock Island Auction Company, and... Read More

The First Special Service Force: "The Devil's Brigade"

By Joel Kolander 07/23/2019     Last week, marked the passing of Arthur “Art” Pottle, a 98-year old veteran of World War II. Living his... Read More

What Does Abercrombie and Fitch Have To Do With Old Guns?

Danielle Hollembaek 07/19/2019 Anyone who frequented a mall in the 1990s to mid-2010s is bound to have come across a store with such a strong... Read More

Gun Auction Winning: Easier Than You Think

 By Joel Kolander 07/12/2019 The fact of the matter is, it's a lot easier to win a gun auction than you think. Despite this, we... Read More

Why Do People Like SKS Rifles?

By Danielle Hollembaek 07/03/2019 Lightweight, fast, and reliable, what’s not to like about the SKS rifle? If you explore any gun auction catalog or browse... Read More