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incredible Winchester 1887 shotgun

A Wealth of Winchester Firearms

04/28/2017 If you've been following the goings-on here at Rock Island Auction Company, you know that there are some outstanding Winchester rifles that are headlining...Read More
Brazilian URU submachine gun

Top 5 Under $5K

04/25/2017 Something we hear quite frequently on social media and at gun shows is something to the tune of, "Oh, I could never afford to...Read More
Preview Hall Sat Sun

Behind the Scenes - How RIAC Sells Your Guns

04/21/2017 "What Happens When RIAC Sells My Guns?" Unless you've had a tour of our facility or seen our materials at a gun show, you...Read More
Winchester 1886 Turnbull engraved gold

Winchester Rifles Highly Finished Arms - REBORN!

04/14/2017 From Winchester's earliest days, even dating back to when it was the Volcanic Repeating Arms Company, it has produced remarkable deluxe arms offering an...Read More
Colt House Pistol cased engraved

Colt's Cloverleaf - The House Pistol

Colt House Pistols, more commonly referred to as a "Cloverleaf," were not the manufacturer's most popular pistol. Produced only from 1871 - 1876, their total...Read More
Blunderbuss of Thomas Graham

The Blunderbuss of General Thomas Graham

03/24/2017 The Blunderbuss of General Thomas Graham One of the most fascinating aspects of working at Rock Island Auction Company and studying firearms, especially antique...Read More
ELVIS revolvers and badge

Elvis Presley's Revolvers

03-17-2017 Revolvers of "The King" Elvis Presley One of the people in American history least likely in need of an introduction is Elvis Aaron Presley....Read More
Japanese Swords gunto

Wartime Japanese Swords

3/10/2017 Wartime Japanese Swords From the perspective of the modern wartime Japanese sword collector of vintage Japanese swords, the words “very fine” don’t often belong...Read More
Confederate Iron Frame Henry

The Confederate Iron Frame Henry Rifle

03/03/2017 Iron Frame Henry Rifle: Not to be confused with their modern counterparts, Henry rifles have long been an indispensable part of firearms development and,...Read More