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Gun Auction Winning: Easier Than You Think

 By Joel Kolander 07/12/2019 The fact of the matter is, it's a lot easier to win a gun auction than you think. Despite this, we... Read More

Why Do People Like SKS Rifles?

By Danielle Hollembaek 07/03/2019 Lightweight, fast, and reliable, what’s not to like about the SKS rifle? If you explore any gun auction catalog or browse... Read More

What Makes Winchester Firearms So Valuable?

by Danielle Hollembaek 06/15/2019 The name “Winchester” rings through the years of gun collecting past, carrying a prestige few other manufacturers can reach. But how... Read More

The Origins of Sharps Antique Derringers

by Danielle Hollembaek 06/11/2019 In the 1850s, the extreme popularity of antique derringer pistols swept the nation like wildfire. Henry Deringer, the man who made... Read More

Demolition Ranch Gets an Uzi

By Joel Kolander 06/07/2019 By now, most of you are probably familiar with YouTube channel DemolitionRanch. Hosted by Matt Carriker, it is the single largest... Read More

Technical Compliance: The Braced Pistol

By Ryan Sullivan 05/24/2019 History is replete with examples of politicians and leaders attempting to come up with rules to restrict human behavior… and upstanding... Read More

The Philadelphia Deringer – How It Links To History

by Danielle Hollembaek 05/29/2019 Petite and purposeful, antique derringer pistols have served as practical, concealable guns for over 150 years. The story behind the small... Read More

How To Choose the Perfect Gun Cabinet

By Joel Kolander 05-21-2019 There comes a time when one realizes their current method of gun storage is, shall we say, inadequate. Maybe that pile... Read More

A Response To Amoskeag Auction Company

05/17/2019 By Joel Kolander   Greetings to one and all, My name is Joel Kolander and here at Rock Island Auction Company I head up... Read More