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Auction Date: December 3, 2010

Lot 3564: Fox A H - He Grade

Sold for Fox  A  H   - He Grade
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Excellent A.H. Fox HE Grade "Super Fox" Double Barrel Side By Side Box lock Shotgun with Special Engraving and Fancy Wood
Estimated Price: $10,000 - $15,000
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Serial #Fox  A  H   - He Grade ManufacturerFox A H ModelHe Grade
TypeShotgun Gauge12 Catalog Page305
Barrel30 Inch Solid Rib FinishBlue/ Casehardened Grip
Stockwalnut ClassCurio & Relic Long Gun RatingSee Condition
DescriptionDeveloped late in 1922, the Super Fox was the end result of several years of experimentation on multiple fronts, intending to produce a true long range shotgun. The project was initiated by John Olin of the Western Cartridge Company, whose firm had just completed development on the Super-X shotshell, which combined slower burning powder with harder shot, to reduce deformation caused by the forcing cone at the breech of the shotgun, and now was seeking a new bore design to take best advantage of the new shell. That end of the project was handled by Burt Becker, a former apprentice of shotgun maker "Uncle Dan" Lefever and an expert on backboring. Among the changes made was an overall widening of the standard Fox frame by 1/16 inch, as well as thickening of the barrels, 3/4 inch long forcing cones and 4 1/2 inch choke cones, which produced one of the finest sporting shotguns of the era. Fitted with a nickel bead front and brass bead rear sight arrangement, with the barrels marked "CHROMOX FLUID COMPRESSED STEEL" on the right and "MADE BY A.H. FOX GUN CO. PHILA. PA. U.S.A." on the left, with full chokes, 2 3/4" chambers, and the legend "BARRELS NOT GUARANTEED SEE TAG". This legend is the result of a poorly considered advertisement, where an implicit guarantee was given of an 80% pattern, not considering the number of factors outside the company's control. This shotgun has X style engraving. Extensive oak leaf engraving is present on the frame, with a blank inscription shield on the trigger guard, a scene of a fox on the plains on the underside, each side showing a scene of two game birds in flight below "ANSLEY H. FOX" and a gold inlaid "SAFE" position for the tang mounted safety. Checkered knob grip stock, with an ebony tip insert and engraved hardware on the splinter forearm, an attractive feathered grain on the buttstock, and a solid rubber recoil pad. Length of pull is 14 1/4 inches, 1 1/2 inch drop at comb and 2 1/4 inch drop at heel.

ConditionProfessionally refurbished to near mint, showing a few light handling marks on the barrels. Case colors are bright and vivid. Stock is excellent, with some minor pressure dents and fine grain. Mechanically excellent. An unbeatable example of an important milestone in shotgun design, with unmatched features and condition.
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