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Auction Date: December 3, 2010

Lot 3619: Winchester - c

Sold for Winchester - c
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Extraordinary Complete All Original WWII Winchester "T3" Carbine with Original First Patten M-2 Infrared Sniper Scope and All The Accessories
Estimated Price: $15,000 - $30,000
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Serial #Winchester - c ManufacturerWinchester ModelC
TypeCarbine Gauge30 M1 Carbine Catalog Page320
Barrel18 Inch Round FinishParkerized Grip
Stockwalnut ClassCurio & Relic Long Gun RatingSee Condition
DescriptionWe thought we had seen the best T-3 Carbine ever in the last auction, and then an astute collector consigned this example of a fantastic WWII Winchester T3 Carbine "turn-key" display set as manufactured by the "Winchester" company. This complete display set contains an all original Winchester T3 carbine with a huge litany of original components and accessories. These carbines are extremely rare in the collector market today as all of those that were in Government inventory were destroyed after the development of the M3 Sniper scope conversion set. Currently today there is only a handful still available that are tucked away in high end advanced collections that are still all original and have not been re-welded or reassembled. It's theorized that these original T-3 carbines were probably retained as factory examples that were later sold off well after WWII. This T3 carbine is an all original, non-re-welded or reassembled version as produced by Winchester. This version is very scarce as most T3 carbines were thought to have been produced by the Inland company. The receiver has the original scope mounts correctly forged/cast and machined as part of the receiver, which is marked on the rear section; "TRADEMARK/WINCHESTER/01777" with the right rear side of the scope base marked "U.S CARBINE/CAL.30 T-3". It is fitted with the original Winchester barrel with the single intertwined circled "WP" proof, with the breech end still in the white. It has the correct late WWII features such as the type three barrel band and round blued bolt, with flip safety and the late "M" marked magazine release with the later M2 catch on the end. It has the correct T-3 style walnut stock with the underside front portion that has the flat area with the infrared lens mounted to it. The right side of the stock has the correct style on-off switch and it is complete with an original large power cable that runs from the scope to the power supply. The various accessories that accompany this carbine are as follows; a complete first pattern M2 infrared sniper scope that has the original Bell and Howell scope properly mounted on top of the carbine. The original large infrared collector/lens and forward pistol grip assembly mounted on the underside of the carbine, the correct M2 power pack and battery, the original first pattern green fiber board or plastic back pack that carries the power supply/battery back, the separate M2 adapter that converts the infrared sniper scope into the M2 hand held "Snooper scope", both original green canvas carrying case for the carbine, and the snooper adapter. In addition to those accessories this display set has the original green canvas carrying straps, a spare M2 scope tube, both the original T-23 flash hider and the later M3 flash hider made by Underwood, an original WWII green canvas web belt with an M1 carbine double magazine pouch with two magazines, with an original M3 Trench knife and scabbard with an original 1945 M2 Sniper scope manual. This lot also contains an example from many of the various types of 30 cal. carbine ammunition as produced both during and after WWII. This includes an example of a grenade blank round, tracer round, frangible, dummy as well as standard rounds produced by Lake City, WCC and RA, 12 rounds total. It is believed that this set was formally in the Mike Wamshar collection. This complete carbine set with all accessories is contained in a custom-made heavy duty steamer trunk that has all metal edges and corner with a double hasp on the front. The inside of the trunk has been custom fitted with a solid oak box that houses all the accessories fitted and secured inside. So all you have to do is move it to where you want to display it and open the lid. A complete turn key display with all original accessories and the most rare of all the WWII/post-war carbines. It has been noted by the consignor that Winchester was assigned serial numbers 01701 through 07545, which indicates that this was the 76th T3 Carbine actually produced by the Winchester factory. In addition the Inland Div.T3 carbines were delivered to the R&D companies well before the Winchester versions were, which was in the late 1944/early 1945 and the Winchester contract was subsequently canceled before all the serial numbers could be utilized. Consequently any surviving example of an “Original Winchester T3” carbine is far rarer than the Inland version. It is estimated that today only a handful of these super rare Winchester T3 carbines even actually exist today in advanced military collections.

ConditionThe complete set with all the Winchester carbine and various accessories is in excellent plus condition overall. The original Winchester carbine itself retains 98% of the original WWII green Winchester parkerized finish with some minor finish wear on the edges and high spots, the receiver side rail and the blued bolt, all probably from limited firing and just cycling of the action or handling the carbine overall. The infrared scope and light source all retain 98% of their original black factory finish. The lens are all intact and crack free and the power pack and battery assembly all appear to be complete and functional, (although we have not tested this unit). The various other accessories, and canvas cases, etc. all appear to be in excellent condition. This is certainly a one of a kind, all complete turn-key display set. So don't miss your chance on this one, as it will probably slip into another high end collection and disappear again for another 10-15 years?
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