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Auction Date: May 20, 2011

Lot 3339: Exceptional 1874 Pattern Swivel Holster with Pattern 1874 Saber

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Exceptional 1874 Pattern Swivel Holster with Pattern 1874 Saber Belt, Hazen Loops and Cartridge Boxes
Estimated Price: $10,000 - $20,000
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Serial #Exceptional 1874 Pattern Swivel Holster with Pattern 1874 Saber ManufacturerNone ModelNone
TypeOther Gauge Catalog Page213
Barrel Finish Grip
Stock ClassOther RatingSee Condition
DescriptionComplete 1874 Cavalry, belt, holster and cartridge box rig. The group consists of: 1) very rare 1874 Pattern Swivel Holster for the Colt Cavalry Single Action or S&W Schofield revolvers, 2) 1874 Pattern Cavalry Saber Belt with brass belt slides, detachable leather saber straps and brass "US" belt plate, 3) 20-round leather "Hazen Loop" cartridge carrier, 4) Model 1874 Dyer Cartridge Box and 5) altered Civil War cap pouch. The Pattern 1874 Swivel holster has a distinctive hanger with brass swivel riveted to the holster body. The swivel enables the holster to pivot 45 degrees and accommodate the movement of a horseman. The black leather holster body is embossed with "US" in an oval and has a brass finial. The flap has a single hole. The back of the hanger is stamped: "WATERVLIET/ARSENAL" in two lines. The inspector's name: "A.R. SMITH" is stamped on the holster flap. Field use indicated that the swivel was delicate and easily broken and most of the holsters were modified or replaced; surviving, un-altered, examples are rare. The black leather 1874 Pattern Cavalry Saber belt has the distinctive brass belt slides and detachable saber straps with brass hooks. The belt has a brass Model 1874 "U.S." plate. The belt is stamped "ROCK ISLAND/ARSENAL/WTG" in three lines. The rare, detachable "Hazen Loop" cartridge carrier is made of black leather and has 20 loops for .45 caliber rifle or carbine cartridges. The back of the center loop is boldly stamped, "U.S./ARSENAL/BENECIA" in three lines. The Model 1874 Dyer Cartridge box is constructed of black leather and has a fleece lining. The flap is embossed with "U.S." in an oval. The back of the holster is stamped with "ROCK ISLAND/ARSENAL" in oval between the belt loops. The Civil War cap pouch was altered around 1876 to serve as a cartridge box for .45 Colt or S&W cartridges. The pouch had most of the inner flap and fleece lining removed and the edges of the inner flap sewn to the edge of the body. The outer flap was embossed with the same oval "US" as the holster and Dyer box. Most Civil War cap pouches were used for revolver cartridges without alteration. Altered pouches with "US" embossed flaps are rare. The Pattern 1874 holster, Hazen Loops and Model 1874 Saber belt were issued in relatively small quantities and remained in service for only a few years. The delicate Pattern 1874 Swivel holsters were rapidly replaced with the more durable Pattern 1881 holsters. Saber belts, Dyer Cartridge boxes and Hazen cartridge loops were superseded by cartridge belts. Most of the "US" embossed converted cap boxes were expended in service. All of the components in this rig are scarce. The Pattern 1874 Swivel holster is rare in any condition. Excellent condition examples of this holster are almost unknown.

ConditionExcellent. The Pattern 1874 Swivel holster is unissued and remains in excellent plus condition. The leather has not been treated with preservative. The "US" embossing, arsenal markings and inspector's stamp are crisp. All of the stitching is tight. The leather is smooth and free from cracks or flaking. Wear is limited to some minor flex marks on the top of the hanger and flap. This is almost certainly the best Pattern 1874 Swivelholster extant. The Model 1874 Saber belt is in excellent condition. The belt plate has a beautiful, untouched, patina. The belt and saber straps are supple and have no cracks or flaking. The "Hazen Loop" cartridge carrier is in very good condition; the tops of the loops are slightly bent from use but the leather is smooth and free from cracks or flaking, stitching is tight and the markings are excellent. The Model 1874 Dyer Cartridge box is un-issued and matches the condition and color of the holster perfectly. The cartridge box has some minor rub marks on the tip of the flap and some flexing in the gusset. The surface of the flap, back and body are smooth. The embossed "US" is perfect. The fleece lining is clean and 100% intact. The revolver cartridge box is in very good condition. The embossed "US" marking on the flap is very strong and the Civil War Ordnance inspectors stamped on the center of the flap is still legible. The leather surfaces have some minor flex marks but are free from cracks or flaking. This is an exceptional Indian War holster and saber belt rig. It is extremely impressive on its own but it would also compliment the best Colt Cavalry Single Action or S&W Schofield revolver. This is the best group of this type ever offered for sale by the Rock Island Auction Company.
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