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Auction Date: December 2, 2011

Lot 1591: Mauser - 98K-Rifle

Sold for Mauser - 98K-Rifle
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Extraordinary Late WWII Nazi K98 Mauser Kriegsmodel High Turret Sniper Rifle with Hensoldt-Dialytan Scope
Estimated Price: $10,000 - $20,000
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Serial #Mauser - 98K-Rifle ManufacturerMauser Model98K-Rifle
TypeRifle Gauge7.92 Mm Mauser Catalog Page41
Barrel23 Inch FinishBlue Grip
Stocklaminated ClassCurio & Relic Long Gun RatingSee Condition
DescriptionThis is an excellent example of a late WWII Kriegsmodel high turret sniper rifle as manufactured by the Mauser factory. These high turret sniper rifles were probably the most widely used and manufactured of all the German sniper rifles. Manufacture of the turret sniper rifles started in 1939 with the development of the low turret models which evolved into the high turret versions that were produced all the way to the end of the war with the final version being the Kriegsmodel. These turret sniper rifles were made by attaching the two turret scope bases with solder and screws, to the front and rear receiver rings. A matched set of scope rings, were then hand fitted and soldered to the scope and aligned with the turret bases. This is why this model, although one of the best also proved to be one of the most time consuming and costly to manufacture. This model is a late war version that has the "no letter" serial number block with the Kriegsmodel stock and stamped barrel bands. This rifle was probably manufactured in very late 1944 or early 1945. The top of the rifle receiver is covered by the scope base but it's assumed that it would be coded "byf45", because the receiver side wall is unmarked. The receiver and barrel both carry the correct "eagle 135" Waffenamt proofs along with the correct firing proofs. The barrel is also marked on the rear "44" for the year of manufacture and makers code, along with the serial number of the rifle. The top side of the barrel also has the small "byf" in a shield proof indicating the barrel was manufactured at the Mauser factory. The bolt is a late war FN manufacture that is coded on the underside of the bolt with a late WaA140 Waffenamt but still retains the bolt guide on top of the bolt body, and it is fitted with a unnumbered milled sniper style safety. It has the war expedient stamped and screwed on barrel bands with no provisions for a bayonet lug, the trigger guard and floor plate are also the stamped versions without locking screws and they are each marked with a single "byf" with the correct "eagle 135" Waffenamt acceptance proofs. The stock is a late war laminated version that as noted above, has the Kriegsmodel style barrel bands, but still retains the bolt take down washer/bolt through the butt stock below the sling swivel and has a correct style checkered cupped buttplate, without the take down hole. The left side of the butt stock has a single WaA135 Waffenamt proof with the matching serial number in the barrel channel. The hand guard is a correct late wartime laminated version that is unnumbered inside the barrel channel. The scope is the correct WWII version manufactured by Hensoldt & Sohne factory in Wetzlar that carries the wartime code of "bmj", and the scope itself is correctly marked "DIALYTN 4x 74246/BMJ +" with the top of the elevation knob marked from 1-8 (100-800) meters. The scope has the late war style front sunshade/rain shield with no drain holes and it has a blued scope tube with the objective and ocular ends painted black. The front ring is numbered on the left side "35924" with no number on the rear ring. The rifle is complete with the rubber muzzle cover, the sheet metal front sight cover and an original cross-hatched leather sling that has a small "cey" proof mark.

ConditionExcellent plus, unissued with 99% plus of a late flat blued over phosphate type finish on the barrel, receiver and turret bases with only minor edge and high spot wear overall. The barrel bands have the late green phosphate and the floor plate is still blued. The stock is also in the same condition with almost no handling marks anywhere. As noted the stock is correctly matching numbered to the rifle and the hand guard is unnumbered. The very front end of the stock has a small duffle-bag cut that has an original stock section glued back on to the end of the stock. The scope as noted has a blued finish on the scope tube and rings with the ends of the scope having been painted black. The optics are clear and sharp and the elevation knob works correctly. The rifle has matching numbers on the complete bolt assembly except for the safety which is unnumbered and the stock with the remaining parts unnumbered. The scope although non-matching is very close to the rifle serial number indicating production in the same time period. The only noted issue is that the screw on the left side of the turret base was broken off at some time, however the base is still solid and firmly attached to the receiver. The sling and accessories are in like new condition. An extraordinary example of a late WWII Nazi high turret sniper rifle.
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