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Auction Date: November 30, 2012

Lot 1466: DWM - 1902/06 Carbine

Sold for DWM - 1902/06 Carbine
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Documented Exceptional "One-Of-A-Kind" Original "Georg Luger" Prototype Transitional New Model 1902/06 Luger Carbine In "9mm" Luger Cartridge with Capture Papers, Numerous Documentation and Letters of Authentication
Estimated Price: $65,000 - $95,000
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Serial #DWM - 1902/06 Carbine ManufacturerDWM Model1902/06 Carbine
TypePistol Gauge9 Mm Luger Catalog Page204
Barrel11 7/8 Inch Round FinishBlue GripWalnut Checkered
Stock ClassCurio & Relic Long Gun RatingSee Condition
DescriptionThis is a beautiful example of a "One-Of-A-Kind", completely original and authentic "Georg Luger" marked Model 1902/06 Prototype Transitional Luger carbine in the unbelievable rare "9mm" caliber. I am sure that some of you are saying, "Rare 9mm" Luger caliber? How can that be rare when they made literally thousands of Lugers in 9mm. You are correct, for all standard Luger pistols, however the DWM factory only made "Two" known "1902 carbines" in 9mm Luger as 99.9% of all carbines were made in the standard 7.65mm Luger cartridge. That's why this is such a rare Luger pistol. As noted this pistol is fully supported by numerous documents and letters of authentication by several senior and well known Luger collectors, as well as a complete unbroken chain of ownership from the day it was captured by the veteran in Stuttgart Germany in late 1945 until today. The most notable features that set this beautiful original 1902/06 Luger carbine apart form all others is that it has the rare and unique "10,000" prototype serial number range reserved only for prototype pistols as produced by the DWM factory. Even more rare is that this pistol has the "C" suffix serial number designation clearly reserved for "Presentation-Prototype" Lugers and also this example has the ultra-rare intertwined "GL" monogram on the rear toggle clearly indicating that this super rare Luger pistol was made under the direct control of Georg Luger. Only Lugers made under his personal control, carry this "GL" monogram on the back side of the rare toggle and no others! As noted during the 1902 time frame almost all standard, commercial Lugers being produced were in the standard 7.65mm Luger cartridge. With development of the 9mm Luger cartridge all the European manufacturers were in the process of modifying their pistol to handle this improved cartridge, including the DWM factory. With this pistol having the unique serial number noted above and the special "GL" monogram we are certain that is what this pistol was developed for presentation to an extremely important customer or individual. The history of this unique Luger began, when it was captured in late 1945 in Stuttgart Germany by Private Elvin, he retained it until 1974, when it was sold to a noted dealer in California. From there it passed through several dealers and individual collectors, in the 1989/90 time frame when it was finally purchased by and retained by the current consignor. This extremely rare and unique pistol has been written and described in several magazine articles such as: "Guns" magazine March 1967; "Guns and Ammo" October 1974; and last the "American Rifleman" August 1980. This specific pistol has also been examined by and is accompanied by several letters of authenticated from several advanced Luger collectors such as Robert Simpson, (Simpson Ltd.), the late Ralph Shatutuck (World of Lugers) and Ken Kontos, (Midwest Firearms). The specific aspects of this unique and "One of a Kind" Luger pistol is that it has the original 11 7/8 inch carbine length barrel with the unique three position, sliding tangent rear sight soldered to the rear of the barrel. The sight is correctly marked, 1-3 indicating 100-300 meters. The underside of the barrel is correctly stamped with the serial number "10110" and it has been fitted with a completely unproofed or unmarked barrel extension, except for the matching serial number "10" on the underside of the extension, on top of the recoil lug. It has the 1906 style breechblock, flat 1906 style toggles with the standard "DWM" markings on the front toggle, with the noted "GL" monogram on the rear toggle. Both the left side of the breechblock and underside of the toggles are serial numbered "10". The frame is the improved 1906 style with the coil spring and grip safety. The front of the frame was correctly modified by the DWM factory with the addition of the forend hanger, which is also correctly serial numbered "100110. C". The pistol has the early style polished lower safety area with the "GELADEN" marked extractor. It has the original, and matching checkered walnut grips and the original checkered short forend. Another notable unique aspect of this Luger is that since it is chambered in 9mm Luger, the barrel does not require the small accelerator inside the forend as does those pistols chambered in 7.65mm. Consequently this pistol has had the original cutout inside the forend modified by the DWM factory by fitting a small wood insert in the cutout area where the accelerator would have normally fit. Again this was clearly done by the DWM factory as the color and grain of the walnut insert matches the forend perfectly and the joint is so tight it's almost invisible. Again 100% original to the DWM factory. This ultra-rare Luger is fitted with one nickel plated magazine with the wooden base that is stamped length wise "Cal. 9 M/M" over a single early DWM factory acceptance proof. This Luger obviously remained at the DWM/Mauser factory for some time as it has been modified with a hold open device inside the frame which was not developed/used until after 1913. As noted this extremely rare and certainly one of a kind Luger prototype pistol is accompanied by considerable supporting documentation, capture papers and letters from various noted Luger authorities. Also, of prominent note, it is photographed in detail on Page 208 (Figure 215) of Pistole Parabellum by Gortz/Sturgess. This is followed by lengthy discussion of this truly unique prototype New Model Carbine which further confirms this extraordinary Luger Prototype to be one-of-a-kind.

ConditionExcellent condition with 97% plus of the original blued finish overall, with just a hint of edge wear in a couple of areas. The various small parts retain 80% of their original straw colors, showing signs of fading and light handling. The grips are also excellent with a nice dark brown, matching walnut color on both sides. This beautiful Luger has all matching numbers except for those parts that were original unnumbered. Certainly a "One of A Kind" George Luger Model 1902/06 Prototype Transitional Luger Carbine. For the really advanced, high end Luger collector/investor.
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