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Since 2003 Rock Island Auction Company has been the world’s top auction house for antique and collector firearms. Our industry leading results are driven by our attention to detail, respect for legacy, extraordinary selection, and most importantly, our dedicated clients.

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Lot 162: Richardson & Overman Gallager Patent Rimfire Carbine
Lot 55: Engraved Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action Rifle
Lot 42: Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action Rifle
Lot 75: Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action Rifle
Lot 73: Sharps New Model 1859 Metallic Cartridge Conversion Carbine
Lot 95: Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action Rifle

Sporting & Collector Firearms Auction #1041

Our Sporting & Collector Firearms Auctions are made up of affordable antiques, beginning collector’s items, usable sporting arms, and many non-firearm lots. Their origins lie in the demand for “everyday collector” guns. These exciting sales have grown continually in size over the years and can house more than 10,000 firearms.

Lot 272: Group of Fifteen Assorted Military Edged Weapons
Lot 231: Two Edged Weapons and one Honing Rod
Lot 263: Four Swords
Lot 252: Grouping of Civil War Commemorative Ribbons and Medals
Lot 243: American Collectors Group "Baby Nambu" Non-Firing Replica
Lot 262: Three U.S. M1840 Swords

Arms & Accessories Day Firearms Auction #2064

The newest of RIAC's auction formats, the A&A Day Auctions have skyrocketed in popularity since their introduction and are being scheduled with increasing frequency. Different from typical timed “online auctions,” these events utilize a live stream of our licensed auctioneers to conduct the auction. With the exception of a live audience and physical catalog, it is exactly like our other auctions.

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