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At Rock Island Auction Company, we offer firearms of all makes, models, and eras. We have a rotating selection of rare pistols for sale, as well as other stunning handguns year round. Our customers hold us accountable to find superior collections of old pistols that appeal to beginner and seasoned gun collectors alike.

Pistols are unique guns that come in an array of different shapes and sizes. Lugers, 1911s, even Glocks are offered in many auctions throughout the year. Each one of our firearms are carefully reviewed by our experts to ensure the most quality and rarity in all our pistols for sale.

Trust Our Experts

Since becoming the number one firearm auction house in 2003, Rock Island Auction has been renowned for offering the most historic firearms and pistols for sale worldwide. We accredit our dominant success in part to our team of seasoned experts who know exactly what type of pistols enthusiasts desire. Every gun we offer is thoroughly inspected by our talented employees. We provide condition details of each pistol which is checked over by multiple RIAC staff members to guarantee accuracy. By providing our customers with peace of mind about our gun conditions and details, we hope to make your buying process as easy and stress free as possible.

Look through our detailed catalog to find your next collector firearm, and consider attending an upcoming Rock Island gun auction today.

Learn more about our collector’s firearms and consider attending an upcoming Rock Island gun auction today.

Why Our Firearms Are Rare

We specialize in antique firearms and do extensive research on all our consigned items. We receive extremely rare pistols because we are the most trusted authority in the firearms industry. Our numbers support these claims and our consignors have enjoyed sharing in our success time and time again.

Scarcity and historic relevancy are our main priorities when compiling our rare selections for auction. Our research includes the gun’s history, make, model, date of manufacture and original factory specifications. Whether you are looking for pistols for sale, military artifacts or other old guns, we are bound to have a selection of them in one of our many auctions

An educated and satisfied customer makes us happy. We want to ensure that you are buying the exact firearm you dreamed of adding to your collection.

A Pair of Dueling Pistols

Seeking Pistols for Sale

To keep our rare firearms auctions going, we need consignors. Our experience selling pistols and other guns helps our firearm reach their full potential at auction.

We are regularly seeking consignors for upcoming auctions. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional marketing for each and every gun we sell. This publicity tends to lead to more bids, which helps consignors get the most money for their old pistols. We are flexible and willing to work with your needs when it comes to consignment options. Learn how to sell your guns with us at our consignment page.

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