Dueling Pistols for Sale

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A Pair of John Manton Flintlock Dueling Pistols

What are Dueling Pistols?

We’ve all heard the stories of famous historic figures calmly engaging in contests of mortal combat using these classic pistols. But what is a dueling pistol and why were they created? The dueling pistols we know today originated in England in the 18th century. Early dueling pistols were often common handguns used by military service men, but soon developed their own style and strict parameters, eventually featuring elegant embellishments and a variety of barrel weights and lengths. Dueling pistols quickly found their way to America and started to make their mark in high society circles. The beautifully designed pairs were a sign of wealth and prestige above those who could only afford more practical firearms. The guns were created as a means to settle affairs of honor between gentlemen. The dueling pistols were intended to be sold as identical guns in sets to ensure a fair duel.

Even as time went on and the flintlock mechanism was surpassed by percussion locks, some people still preferred using a flintlock dueling pistol. Whether for nostalgia, aesthetic, or visual appeal, it was certainly not practical. The percussion cap ignition system is faster, more accurate, and more reliable.

Collectible Dueling Pistols

Since dueling pistols were once a highly embellished status symbol, many have been well preserved. Despite the amount of specimens we see today with high quality engraving and embellishments, such ornamentation on old guns was uncommon and today they are extremely collectible. Dueling pistols are a favorite of firearms collectors due to their connection to influential politicians, military leaders, and famous figures across history. Additionally, high quality dueling pistols by well-known gunmakers have proven to be sound investments for gun enthusiasts. They are inseparable from what today is considered a barbaric practice, and remain supremely fascinating even to those unfamiliar with collector firearms.

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