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Lot 301: Holland & Holland Ltd Royal Double Rifle 375 Fl Mag

Auction Date: May 2, 2014

Extraordinary Cased Holland & Holland Engraved Royal Double Barreled Express Rifle in 375 Magnum Flanged Cartridge Complete with all H&H Accessories and Factory Documentation

Estimated Price: $95,000 - $160,000

Extraordinary Cased Holland & Holland Engraved Royal Double Barreled Express Rifle in 375 Magnum Flanged Cartridge Complete with all H&H Accessories and Factory Documentation

Manufacturer: Holland & Holland Ltd
Model: Royal Double Rifle
Type: Rifle
Gauge: 375 Fl Mag
Barrel: 25 1/2 inch round
Finish: blue/casehardened/gold inlay
Stock: walnut checkered
Item Views: 1674
Serial Number:
Catalog Page: 92
Class: Modern Long Gun

This is a fantastic example of an unbelievable "One of Three" consecutively numbered British Holland & Holland "Royal Model" Express double rifles we have for sale in this auction. These rifles are a super rare set and represent an example of the true British "Master" Gun & Rifle Manufacturers art and skill as produced by the prestigious company of Holland & Holland Ltd., London England. This complete rifle is also documented and verified through its own letter from Holland & Holland dated January 2014, that lists the various features of this rifle and includes a copy of the original ledger order dated 1954. As previously noted this rifle along with the other two were consecutively numbered rifles, were commissioned at the same time and by the same individual in 1954. This exquisite rifle features, meticulous, "hand cut", extremely fine English scroll engraving on 95% of the complete action and trigger guard, including both side plates (locks/actions) which were also hand engraved in gold letters; "HOLLAND & HOLLAND" and the upper tang is also engraved in gold fill "SAFE". This fabulous rifle also includes a spare set, (left and right side) locks or actions that are also all hand engraved and numbered to match the originals and which were already fully fitted to the rifle. These spare action locks and internal mechanisms are housed in two separate, small walnut storage cases, that are stored inside the larger rifle trunk case. The underside of the action is engraved "HOLLAND'S/SINGLE/TRIGGER" and "ROYAL/MODEL". The barrels are the standard 25 1/2 inch long and are marked on top "HOLLAND & HOLLAND" on the right barrel and "98 NEW BOND STREET LONDON" on the left. The top of the center rib is marked "375 "MAGNUM" FLANGED CARTRIDGE", which is basically a rimmed version of the original belted 375 Magnum cartridge, and which ammunition is still readily available today. The barrels are fitted with a raised ramp front sight base with a hooded bead front sight and a 1/3 length, rear barrel rib that has been fitted with both a three leaf express rear sight, and a typical H&H claw mount type scope bases on the rear of the rib. The express sight has three folding leafs, that have been calibrated or graduated at 100, 200 and 300 meters. The scope mounts have a claw type base to the rear with the locking base/ring on the front. An original 1950s era Lyman Alaskan 2 1/2 power scope has been factory fitted/installed on these claw mounts and is included with this rifle. Both rings were hand fitted and soldered to the scope and the scope has been oriented in the rings to the left, so that the reticle forms a "X" with a dot center. The Lyman scope has the factory markings on the lower left side and the rear ring is hand engraved "HOLLAND & HOLLAND/No.35250". These Lyman Alaskan scopes were probably one of the best American made hunting scopes ever manufactured in the 1950s, small and compact; yet very durable and sturdy to withstand the heavy recoil from this cartridge. The rifle has been stocked in a beautiful, select extra fancy walnut stock with a pistol grip and matching forearm; (Length of pull 14 inches) . The underside of the pistol grip has a small steel pistol grip hinged pistol grip cap that holds a spare, (matching numbered) front sight. The stock and forend both feature beautiful hand-cut, wrap around checkering. The rifle is also fitted with a set of sling swivels, one on the underside of the buttstock and the other on the under side of the barrels. There is a small brass identification plate on the underside of the buttstock that is engraved with a "K" and the stock is fitted with an old English type recoil pad. The water table is stamped with "35250/35250" and a "Crown/V" proof indicating both barrels were hand fitted to the action and the underside of the breech ends of both barrels are stamped with the British raised "scimitar/NP" for Nitro proofing followed by "COR. MKI 56-300MAX/Crown GP (for the London Proof House) 375 2.94". This beautiful rifle is accompanied by a full compliment of original Holland & Holland accessories all stored and housed in the original, 12 x 33 inch, H&H marked, leather covered, oak storage/traveling trunk that also has a heavy canvas outer cover. Inside the lid of he trunk, is the original H&H manufacturers label, along with the original H&H rifle registration label, which lists this rifle by serial number and the action caliber of this rifle; along with care and cleaning instructions for this fabulous set. The trunk itself has 10 compartments, that house the action and stock, the barrel set, the Lyman scope and leather carrying case, a small compartment for both walnut boxes that house the spare locks/actions, two compartments that house two sets of ebony handled H&H marked screwdrivers/action tools, one compartment for the silver bore cleaning funnel and leather rifle sling, and a separate compartment that holds "5" different, small square silver bottles, each containing a different type of fluid used to maintain this beautiful rifle. The lid of each bottle is engraved with the contents as follows: "SOLVENT; LUBRICANT; PRESERVATIVE ; LEATHER and LINSEED".

Rating Definition:

Absolutely like brand new with 99% of the original blue finish overall with 99% of the original color casehardened finish on the metal parts with the various gold fill areas and markings completely intact. The stock and forend are both exactly the same as the metal with 99% of the original H&H wood finish with exceptional nice sharp and distinct checkering overall. The leather bound, oak trunk storage case is also in near excellent condition with some slight staining on the top of the outer canvas cover with minor wear on the leather bounds corners from handling and sliding around while being on display. The internal felt material and various accessories are all in like new condition. The rifle actually looks like it was commissioned in 1954, received and probably never fired. Unbelievable, outstanding old world British craftsmanship from an exceptionally prestigious company.

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