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Lot 3248: Signed Katana Length Japanese Sword

Auction Date: May 15, 2022

Attractive Signed Katana Length Japanese Sword with Tribute/Shrine Quality Fittings

Price Realized:
Estimated Price: $7,500 - $11,000

Attractive Signed Katana Length Japanese Sword with Tribute/Shrine Quality Fittings

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Measuring 38 1/2 inches overall with a 27 3/4 blade, showing a strong, slightly wavy hamon, attractive grain, and an asymmetrical set of bo-hi grooves, the left showing a thin groove running a loop from habaki and tip, the right showing a thin groove looping halfway back from the tip and meeting a single broad groove. The habaki is two piece construction, the outer section made of brass with sculpted ocean waves and the inner section made of darkened metal with pierced-through designs of a wheel mounted with a set of hammers or buckets. The tsuba has a four-lobed profile and multi-piece construction, with an iron core, darkened silver outer edge, and silver and gilt spacers. The fuchi and habaki are both silver plated, with a set of gilt and silver menuki featuring the "triple hollyhock" design under the light cord wrap. The "triple hollyhock" is most famously associated with the Tokugawa Clan and their namesake period of Shogunate rule, and was known to have been used by favored supporters with the Clan's permission. The saya is finished in alternating stripes of matte and gloss black lacquer, with silver furniture, white and purple suspension cord with silver chrysanthemum ornaments, and a repeating motif in gold lacquer of chrysanthemum surrounded by 3 butterflies. As the triple hollyhock is associated with Tokugawa, the mum is associated with both the person and the office of the Emperor of Japan. The tang has two mekugi-ana, the lower of the two filled with a gold plug, and a gold inlaid two-symbol signature on the right side.

Rating Definition:

Excellent. The blade shows some mild stains and dark spots, with an overall bright appearance, strong hamon and subtle but attractive grain. The cord shows minor staining, with a mixed dark patina on the silver components and dark brown on the iron. The saya shows mild flaking and crazing of the lacquer, with the wood underneath the koiguchi split. The tang shows a deep brown antique patina, with some rust spots and solid inlay.

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