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 Extensively Engraved and Inlaid Interesting Combination Wheellock/Matchlock Sporting Rifle
      The lock incorporates both a serpentine for a match and a
LOT 1372
Incredibly Ornate Documented Wheellock/Matchlock Combination Sporting Gun with Engraved Stock Inlays - NSN, 62 cal., 47 inch part octagon bbl., blue/ bright finish, hardwood stock. Extensively ornamented wheellocks are staples of fine arms and art collections, and its easy to see why with their lavish decoration and unusual construction compared to later firearms. The fire blued barrel has a cannon style muzzle, decorative transition point with deep relief engraving, flutes with dished ends along the breech section, deep relief engraving at the breech, and “crown/anchor” and “PL” markings on top of the breech section.
wheellock and has some light engraving
accents. It has a plain single trigger and a long finger
groove style iron trigger guard. The stock
has extensive brass pin, wire, and plate
inlays along with some inlaid staghorn
lines. The brass inlays include floral designs,
classical masks, martial trophies, and
vignettes of classical figures. Provenance
in the consignors notes include William
Randolph Hearst, Southeby’s Auction March
17, 1953 Lot 25, Illustrated in Guns and
Rifles of the World by Howard Blackmore
CONDITION: Fine with strong blue finish in the
protected areas of the barrel, smooth gray and brown patina on the balance of the iron, absent pan screw, some mild oxidation/pitting, aged patina on the brass inlays, some absent pins, minor flakes and hairline cracks, crack at the bottom of the lock, small gap at the front of the lock, chip at the nose of the comb, and a repair at the toe. The wheellock is not tested, and the matchlock mechanism appears to need some work. Estimate: 20,000 - 40,000

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