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   LOT 1396
Desirable Pair of Chiseled,
Engraved, and Pierced Italian
Snaphance Belt Pistols -A) Snaphance Belt Pistol - NSN, 60 cal., 13 1/2 inch part octagon bbl., bright finish, walnut stock. The snaphance or snaphaunce is one of the earlier forms of flint and steel ignition and was introduced in the mid 16th century and remained in use in Northern
    Italy into the mid 18th century giving it a particularly long period of use, but they remain comparably hard to find and particularly desirable. More ornate pistols like these are highly sought after. This pair of pistols is from the latter portion of the snaphance’s period of use and was almost certainly made in or near Brescia in Northern Italy
and has the complex metalwork the region’s pistols are
known for. The multi-stage barrels have slightly flared
cannon style muzzles, smooth midsections, girdled
transition points, and floral vine engraving on the breech
sections. The locks have coordinating engraving and also have
pierced designs on the cocks, the pan fittings, and the steel arms.
Among the designs are bestial motifs. The furniture and accents are also pierced and include complex scroll, floral, and animal designs, including multiple bird motifs. Belt hooks
are fitted via the rear lock screws on the left. The pommel caps have red fabric behind them adding some interesting color and
CONDITION: Fine with mostly a pewter gray patina on the metal along with crisp designs and minimal light oxidation/pitting. The refinished stock is good with some subtle repaired cracks mainly in the forend, some small flakes absent, distinct molding and fluting along the forend, and a glossy finish. Mechanically fine. B) Snaphance Belt Pistol - NSN, 60 cal., 13 1/2 inch part octagon bbl., bright finish, walnut stock. See “A.”
CONDITION: Fine with a smooth pewter gray patina on most of the metal, crisp engraving, some spots of minor oxidation/pistol, and mild overall wear. The refinished stock is good and has some repaired cracks mainly in the forend, darker areas around the accent plates, a glossy finish, crack at the heel on the left, and nice fluting and molding on the forend. Mechanically fine.
Estimate: 20,000 - 30,000

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