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     LOT 1023
Rare Documented L.D. Nimschke Signed Panel Scene Engraved
Spencer Arms Slide Action Shotgun - Serial no. 3052, 12 gauge, 22 1/2
inch round bbl., blue finish, walnut stock. Offered here is a highly sought after and documented Spencer Arms slide action shotgun exhibition quality engraved and signed by renowned 19th century master engraver L.D. Nimschke. The receiver is extensively decorated with Nimschke’s scrollwork. The centerpiece on the left side of the receiver is a panel scene depicting
a hunting dog. This panel is signed by Nimschke with his “LDN” initials under the dog.
Amongst the scrollwork on the right side of the receiver is the inscription “SPENCER ARMS/CO/PAT. APR 82.” The receiver patterns along with Nimschke’s initials under the dog are observed in smoke pulls presented in R.L. Wilson’s “L.D. Nimschke Firearms Engraver” on page 36. A noticeable difference is the addition of “PAT.” in the last line of the inscription found on the shotgun as to
only “APR. 82” found in the corresponding smoke pull. These smoke pulls are also signed by Nimschke in his own hand. An additional smoke pull showing the scrolls and kidney pattern appearing on top of the receiver is found on page 85. The trigger guard is also engraved with
Nimschke’s scrollwork. The multi-point checkered forearm is hard rubber. The round knob pistol grip stock has checkering in the grip area and a checkered hard rubber
buttplate. The Damascus barrel has a single bead front sight and is marked “SPENCER RPTG. SHOTGUN PAT.APL.1882.” Length of pull is 13 1/4 inches. Designed by Christopher M. Spencer, the designer of the Civil War military carbine, and manufactured from 1882 to 1889, the Spencer shotgun is considered the first successful American slide action repeating shotgun.
CONDITION: Very good. The period shortened barrel retains most of the Damascus pattern. 30% original blue remains on the magazine tube. The receiver has a smooth gray patina and crisp engraving. The wood is very fine with a few stress lines at the upper tang, minor dings and scratches and overall crisp checkering. The buttplate has been repaired. The forearm is excellent with a few minor handling marks and crisp checkering. We rarely catalog worked signed by Nimschke. This Nimschke signed engraved Spencer shotgun will be a great addition to any high art firearms collection and is truly a piece of art!.
Estimate: 5,500 - 8,500
LOT 1024
Desirable Winchester Model 1866 Lever Action Rifle - Serial no. 106039, 44 RF cal., 24 inch octagon bbl., blue finish, walnut stock. Manufactured in 1872. Also known at the “improved Henry,” the Model 1866 is the direct descendant of the Henry rifle,
traces its lineage back to earlier repeaters like the Volcanic and saw heavy use in conflicts related to land,
gold and other resources on the frontier in the second half of the 19th century in the hands of settlers,
Native Americans, outlaws, lawmen, and hunters. The barrel has the two-line Winchester address/King’s
improvement patent marking, a dovetail blade front sight, and a folding ladder rear sight graduated to
900 yards. The serial number is stamped behind the trigger. The buttstock is fitted with a trapdoor brass
buttplate containing a four piece cleaning rod.
CONDITION: Very good. The barrel and magazine tube retain half% of the dull refinished blue finish with
the balance a smooth brown patina. The barrel address has been recut. The brass has taken on a darkened
appearance. The fine attractively aged receiver has tight fitting side plates. The wood is fine with minor dings and scratches. Mechanically excellent. Estimate: 3,750 - 5,500

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