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Historic, Iconic and Extremely Rare Documented Serial Number “33” DWM Model 1899/1900 Swiss Test/Acceptance Luger Pistol Pictured in “Lugers At Random” - Serial no. 33, 7.65 mm Luger Auto cal., 4 3/4 inch round bbl., blue finish, checkered walnut grips. This is a beautiful example of a rare, early production DWM Model 1899/1900 Swiss Army Test/Acceptance Luger. This pistol is described on page 50 and photographed on page 51 of the reference book “Lugers At Random” by Charles Kenyon (1969) and again on pages 131-155 of “Pistole Parabellum Vol. I” by Joachim Gortz and Geoffrey Sturgess. (Kenyon stated this pistol was the only one known in his 1969 book “Lugers At Random”). These early test and acceptance Model 1899/1900 Luger pistols made for the Swiss Army are extremely rare with probably not more than 20 produced in total. This example has the various characteristics listed in the book including: serial numbered (33) on the rear of the frame above the lanyard loop and the barrel and recoil lug (on the barrel extension) are also serial numbered (33) and
are running parallel to the bore axis. It has the correct “unrelieved” frame and correct corresponding flat button magazine. It also has the early style narrow trigger, strawed sear bar and the first pattern safety with the polished lower area of the frame and
the early style lever with the long/wide checkered thumb pad. It has the early style recessed breechblock. The early rear toggle has the correct pattern dished toggles and toggle locks and no DWM toggle markings. The rear of the rear toggle link is marked “33” in an irregular production pattern (slightly lower and larger). It is also fitted with the early style narrow grip safety. It has the hand-cut Swiss Cross in a Sunburst on top of the chamber area. The trigger is numbered (33) on the left side and the takedown lever is numbered on the right sides on the exposed round/radius portion of the lever. It has the early style flat main springs and 4 3/4 inch fast taper barrel. This example still retains the original, unmodified, early “V” notch rear sight. It is complete with a
set of checkered walnut grips (without any borders). The left grip has been numbered in pencil, “33”, and the right grip is unnumbered. It is complete with a tin plated, unmarked wooden base magazine.
 Collector’s Fact
This rare DWM 1899/1900 Swiss test Luger is one of only approximately 20 produced, and was the only known example to author Charles Kenyon.

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