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 Extremely Scarce U.S. Navy Contract Sharps Model 1855 Longarms
   LOT 1190
Very Rare Sharps Model 1855 U.S. Navy Inspected Saddle Ring .577 Percussion Carbine - Serial no. 26006, 577 cal., 19 inch round bbl., blue/casehardened finish, walnut stock. This is a rare example of 1 of just 100 Sharps Model 1855 Martial marked carbines with a 19
 Collector’s Fact
One of only 100 Sharps Model 1855 martially inspected carbines in .577 caliber purchased by the U.S. Navy.
 inch barrel in 577 caliber purchased by the U.S. Navy in July of 1857. “SHARPS/PATENT/1848” and “26006” marked on the upper tang, and “EDWARD MAYNARD/PATENTEE 1845” on the tape primer door. Blade front sight and a rear sight with four folding leaves and a center notch graduated 2, 3, 4, and 6. A British “crown/2” proof is hidden underneath the barrel and on the right of the breech block, matching number “26006” marked underneath the barrel. Fitted with a smooth walnut forearm and a straight wrist stock with a brass patchbox and buttplate. “I/SCR/1857” inspection mark on the front plate of the brass patchbox and marked “USN” on top of the buttplate tang with two five-pointed stars between the letters. On pg. 109 of the book “Civil War Carbines, Volume II, The early years” by John D. McAulay it states, “By June 1857, the Sharps factory had completed their British contract for the Model 1855. Having additional carbines left over, 100 were delivered to the Navy Yard in Brooklyn, New York, ... The U.S. Navy Model 1855 Sharps carbines inspected by Commander [Stephen C.] Rowan were stamped with the letters U.S.N. on the brass buttplate and on the patchbox: I/SCR/1857... Many of these M1855 Sharps carbines were issued to the Marines during the later part of 1857-1859 period. They likely remained in the Navy inventory throughout the Civil War.”“GDM” (George D. Moller) collection initials marked at the toe of the stock. CONDITION: Very good showing genuine Naval use, with a mottled gray and brown patina overall, scattered light to moderate pitting, and mostly clear markings. The brass is bright as lightly cleaned. The wood is good with scattered dents, chips, scratches, and a 1 1/4 inch repaired section visible at the toe. Mechanically fine with a broken/absent gear section inside the tape primer mechanism. An extremely rare example of an early U.S. Navy purchased/inspected Sharps M1855 carbine. Provenance: The George Moller Collection.
 Estimate: 6,500 - 11,000
   Collector’s Fact
One of only 201 U.S. Navy Shipped Sharps Model 1855 Percussion Rifles.
LOT 1191 Rare U.S. Navy Sharps Model 1855 Breech Loading Percussion Rifle - Serial no. 20325, 54 cal., 27 inch round bbl., blue/casehardened finish, walnut stock. This is an example of an extremely rare Sharps Model 1855 U.S. Navy rifle, one of approximately 263 manufactured in 1856 with a saber bayonet lug and guide. They were serial numbered in the 20000-21000 range. The Navy received 201 of these rifles in 1857 with a small amount going to the USS Wabash, USS Merrimack, USS Mississippi, and the USS Minnesota. The barrel is fitted with a stud and key guide on the underside near the muzzle for a saber bayonet. The top of the barrel behind the rear sight is marked “SHARP’S RIFLE/ MANUFG.CO./HARTFORD CONN.” ahead of a Navy anchor marked on top of the breech end of the barrel. The underside of the barrel is marked with the matching serial number “20325”. The primer door is marked “EDWARD MAYNARD/PATENTEE 1845.” and the upper tang is marked “SHARPS/PATENT/1848” followed by the serial number. It has a blade front sight, folding ladder rear sight, casehardened finish on the lock and frame, blue remaining steel parts, a smooth walnut forearm with screw retained brass barrel band, and a straight grip stock with a brass patch box and carbine style buttplate. “Z 39” is marked on the inside of the patch box as well as underneath the barrel. “N/95” is marked inside the patch box door. CONDITION: Very good, exhibiting smooth brown patina overall, evident of genuine period naval use, with strong traces of original blue finish on the barrel and primer door, some patches of light pitting, some small dings ahead of the barrel band, and clear markings. Some evidence of artificial brown visible around rear sight base on barrel. The brass components display an attractive golden aged patina. Wood is also very good as refinished with some scattered minor scratches and dings, a hairline crack behind the left of the upper tang, a small repaired chip behind the left of the frame, a repaired section below the lock, and a repaired section at the toe. Absent barrel band screw. Mechanically excellent. A nice solid example of an extremely rare Sharps Model 1855 U.S. Navy rifle. Provenance: The George Moller Collection. Estimate: 5,500 - 8,500

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