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   Collector’s Fact
Approximately less than 1,000 Remington Model 1888 Transitional Single Action revolvers were produced.
   LOT 3175
Exceptional Blued Remington Model 1888 Transitional Single
Action Army Revolver - Serial no. 670, 44-40 WCF cal., 7 1/2 inch round
bbl., blue finish, black hard rubber grips. This scarce and highly desirable
Remington Model 1888 Transitional Single Action Army Revolver is one of
approximately less than 1,000 manufactured circa 1888-1889, with all recorded serial numbers
under 1,000. The Remington Single Action revolvers were a competitor to the Colt Single Action
Army. Not to be confused with the Model 1890 that superseded it, examples of the Remington
Model 1888 Transitional Single Action Army are scarce and very desirable, and this model has long
been an enigma for collectors until proven in an 1889 dated Hartley and Graham catalog where it
is illustrated as the “New Model Pocket Army” next to the previous Model 1875. Hartley and Graham
assumed control of Remington in 1888 after their bankruptcy, and these revolvers would have been
assembled utilizing some leftover parts on hand at the factory. The revolver has a high polish blue finish on the barrel, frame and cylinder. The ejector
rod is bright, the hammer has a casehardened finish and the trigger is nitre blue. The barrel is fitted with a nickel-silver front sight blade. The two piece black hard rubber grips are checkered with the Remington, “RA” monogram at the top. The top of the barrel is roll-stamped with the one-line legend: “E.REMINGTON & SONS. ILION.N.Y. U.S.A.”. The caliber designation, “44” (.44-40 WCF) is stamped on the upper left side of the frame. The serial number is located on the left side of the butt underneath the grips.
CONDITION: Exceptionally fine. The revolver retains 85% of the high polish original blue finish. Most of the finish loss is concentrated on the ejector housing web. There is scattered finish flaking on the cylinder and the sides of the frame and some edge wear on the barrel muzzle. The hammer retains 75% of the original casehardened finish. Most of the niter blue is present on the trigger. The barrel markings are sharp. The professionally made replacement hard rubber grips are fine and show minimal wear. The action is tight and functions perfectly. This is an attractive example of a scarce and highly desirable blued finish Remington Model 1888 Transitional Single Action Army Revolver.
Provenance: The Milan J. Turk Collection.
Estimate: 14,000 - 22,500

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