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 LOT 3233
The Finest Condition E. Remington & Sons Elliot 5-Shot Ring Trigger Pepperbox Pistol with Blued Finish/Pearl Grips In Existence - Serial no. 12620, 22 RF cal., 3 inch fluted bbl., blue
finish, pearl grips. Introduced in 1863, the Remington-Elliot was an improved version of the “Zig-Zag” pepperbox, using a fixed 5-shot barrel group with a rotating hammer assembly. This would be Remington’s first application of the mobile cartridge striker, which became a cornerstone in Remington pocket pistol design through the end of the century. Silver bead front and frame notch rear sights, with the 2-line address and patent dates on top of the barrels. The overall finish is a deep, well-executed royal blue, with fiery niter blue on the barrel latch and hammer assembly. Fitted with a smooth ring trigger, the signature contoured butt, and a pair of smooth mother of pearl grips.
CONDITION: Excellent, with 98% of the bright original high polish blue finish, showing the slightest brown patina on the rear and
right side of the frame. 95% of the strong, fiery niter blue is present on the hammer. The grips are very good, with a small crack in the right panel and a few light scratches overall. Mechanically excellent. The scarcity of a Remington-Elliot pistol exhibiting the quality of the finish on this arm can not be overstated; the Remington Ring Trigger was not intended to be a display piece or a safe queen, it was designed to be concealed on the person and employed in real world personal defense, in the process of being fired with corrosive primers, actively rubbed against fabric and skin, and exposed to any number of substances in the course of duty. A Ring Trigger in any condition is collectable, but one on this level cannot be upgraded upon, and can serve as the cornerstone of a premium quality collection of Remington firearms or American Pocket Pistols. Provenance: The Milan J. Turk Collection.
Estimate: 9,500 - 16,000

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