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Sporting & Collector Firearms Auction #1029

Thursday June 22nd, 2017

June 2017 Regional Gun Auction

Auction begins on: 6/22/17

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Henry lever action rifle in June gun auction

Rock Island Auction Company’s June Regional Gun Auction follows in the footsteps of their massive February event by again offering FOUR FULL DAYS of guns. Nearly 10,000 firearms in over 4,300 lots pack each and every day much to the delight of collectors and shooters across the country. The February sale shattered RIAC records for participation, taking in tens of thousands of bids before the auction ever began.  The June 22 – 25 sale will look to build on that success and put thousands of collector firearms into the waiting hands of enthusiasts from coast to coast. There are numerous multigun lots allowing collectors to pick up several desired arms with a single bid, and with over 80% of the lots holding an estimate between $800-$1,500, it doesn’t get any easier than this to pick up the guns you want!

If the selection is any indication, June promises to make a lot of satisfied collectors. Leading the way for the sale are an astonishing SIX Henry rifles, including an engraved example and another that was part of the U.S. Ordnance Department contract to arm the 1st District of Columbia Cavalry during the Civil War. These “damned Yankee rifles” are followed by a host of classic Winchester lever actions in any model a collector might desire. In fact, there are more Winchesters in this sale than any other manufacturer with nearly 750 to choose from.

Not far behind the lever guns are the Colts. Nearly 550 appear in this firearms auction and they run the gamut: rare longarms, black powder revolvers, early semi-autos, coveted snake guns, and of course, the vaunted Model 1911. It’s a perfect opportunity to fills holes in your collection and make holes in some downrange targets.

These are only the most popular two manufacturers of the hundreds present in this sale. Remington, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Ruger, Marlin, Browning, Mauser, U.S. military arms, foreign military arms, Beretta, Walther, and so many more will all be present in abundance. We cordially invite you to attend our full day preview on Wednesday, June 21 from 9:00 – 6:00 to inspect and hold in your hands any firearm in the auction. If you need guns for a collection, hunting, plinking, or even as an investment, Rock Island Auction Company’s June 22 – 25 Regional Firearms Auction is an event you can’t miss. Search and bid today in our online gun auction catalog at

Colt 1855 military revolving rifle in gun auction




About our Regional Gun Auctions

Our Regional auctions are made up of affordable antiques, beginning collector’s items, usable sporting arms, and many non-firearm lots. A majority of the lots have multiple firearms. A Regional Auction has routinely consisted of approximately 3,000 lots with as many as 7,000 firearms in those lots. We hold two Regional Auctions per year, one in the summer and one in the winter.  The concept of the Regional Sale was initiated by the demand that our customers developed for the “everyday collector” type guns. Were these guns placed in a Premiere Auction, they would simply be overshadowed. These guns need to be seen in person as we keep the description to a minimum and use a rating scale for the condition encouraging the buyer to view the items in person. We produce approximately 10,000-13,000 black and white catalogs that are sent to potential bidders all over the world.
These auctions are comprised of firearms such as sporting and hunting firearms, manufacturers such Browning, Winchester, Ruger, Colt, Remington, Smith & Wesson, plus Japanese and European military firearms. You will also find firearm related books, holsters, swords, parts, leather, ammunition and more. This is also an auction for antique and highly collectible items. Each item is listed with a headline, high and low estimates, condition rating, and photo. As with our Premiere Auctions, our website features the entire Regional Auction catalog of items and is searchable by model, serial number, manufacturer, lot number, keyword, and more. All items are viewable in color online and all guns have both sides shown!

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