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The Flintlock Pistols of Rappahannock: The Forge that Armed America

07/27/2017 by Andrew Padavich Authentic Revolutionary War firearms are rare items to find. Examples fortunate enough to still exist are rapidly approaching 250 years in... Read More

3 Smith & Wesson Revolvers with Famous Owners

07/21/2017 By Joel Kolander We all know the frequent lament of many a gun owner: “If only this gun could talk!” Often voiced when pining... Read More

We Deal in Guns... and Facts Julias Gun Auction

07/20/2017 By Joel Kolander Julias, Maine Gun Auction In the marketing and advertising world, there is a lot of pride at stake over being “the... Read More

M1 Garands Prices & Trends (with historical values)

07/11/2017 By Joel Kolander There are dozens of M1 Garands in the December 2018 Auction, price estimates from $900 - $55,000. Prices continue to climb... Read More

The Top 10 M1 Garand Rifles

07/07/2017 By Joel Kolander UPDATED 09/19/2018 Also read M1 Garand Prices & Trends   With Independence Day barely in our rearview, I thought it a... Read More

The Five Most Popular Hunting Guns. Ever.

06/21/2017 By Joel Kolander Search Gun Auction Catalog Lots of websites compile lists. "The Top 10 Concealed Carry Pieces" or "The 5 Reloading Tools You... Read More

The Barbecue Guns of Summer

06/14/2017 Written by Joel R. Kolander It's that magical time of year. You know the one, where the smoky aromas of briquettes, wood chips, and... Read More

Roger Rule's Winchester Model 70 Rifle

06/09/2017 Winchester Model 70 Up For Auction Owned By Roger Rule Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more gun videos. Read More

How to Identify a Winchester 1866

06/01/2017 By Joel Kolander Winchester Model 1866 rifles need no introduction - they WERE the introduction. An American legend was born with them that would... Read More