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June 10, 2016

Rock Island Auction’s Social Media Pages

By Joel R Kolander

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Here at Rock Island Auction Company, we try to keep people abreast of what we’re doing via social media, or at least put some amazing collector firearms in front of your eyeballs from time to time. When RIAC started exploring social media, it pretty much stuck to the big three of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and you can see those being touted on some of our earliest content. However we’ve come a long way since then and are now using a number of other well-known social media sites posting photos, sharing stories, and keeping you plied with all the gun content you can shake a Wingmaster at. Here’s where you can find us online.

Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube

Ah yes, the tried and true. Lots of photos and updates on the first two, and lots of videos on the last. Facebook is filled with a daily gun photo in a feature we call S.A.F.E.T.Y. (Special Arms For Everyone To Yearn), as well as a weekly feature called #FirepowerFriday that shows off some of the firearm fortitude that is floating around our facility.By now you’re probably familiar that we do video collaborations with ForgottenWeapons on YouTube and However, we have also recently done one with The Great War, and look to continue to these awesome partnerships while looking for new ones as well. You never know who we’ll be collaborating with next! Regardless of who they’re with, we do make a YouTube playlist for each auction, so people know which items are still coming up for auction and which ones have already come and gone.

Google +

Some people really like the Communities on Google+, or just despise Facebook, and we think those folks should be able to look at guns as well. We post a lot of the same photos and stories, but this is a better venue than the Big 3 for having an earnest discussion. It’s not the most traffic by any means, but its still another place to spread the good word.


We were a part of Reddit for a long time before finally starting our own subreddit last month. In full disclosure, we’re a little concerned about posting too much there since Reddit has some strict guidelines about self-promotion and spam. However, the knowledge and topics you can find on Reddit are limitless so this is another great venue to share firearms with those who appreciate them.As mentioned earlier, this is a VERY NEW subreddit, so any and all subscribers are more than welcome.


Instagram has been a exciting new foray for us. There is TONS of enthusiasm on this medium and people really like photos of firearms. What else could we ask for? Follow us on Instagram and we promise you’ll see more behind-the-scenes photos than with any other of our social media outlets.

We know there are a lot of other popular things to use like Snapchat and Periscope, but they may come later. If you know of any accounts we or other firearms enthusiasts should follow, post them in the comments. We’re always looking to meet like minded individuals and see the incredible things that people have to share.

Oh, we also have a blog, but we’re guessing you knew that already.

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