10 Most Popular Instagram Posts of 2018

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By Danielle Hollembaek


Who would have thought back in 2016 when we started our Instagram page we’d be on our way to 20,000 followers in less than two years! Instagram users seem to enjoy looking at beautiful firearms in their free time. From engraved Winchester deluxe rifles to heavy firepower machine guns, we have had a number of unique collectibles featured on our page. Which ones stood out among their formidable competition (based on Instagram’s measurement of Impressions)? Well, let’s take a look…

10. Unusual Rifles

Anyone who follows us on social media knows we love our unusual firearms. This collection of unusual rifles represents just a few of the interesting finds we sold in auction this past year.

9. Unique Slide Auction Rifles with Ian

The star of YouTube’s “Forgotten Weapons,” Ian a popular guy with our fans to say the least. From unique to historic, “Gun Jesus” has a way of finding interesting guns to investigate on his channel. We already have videos planned with him in 2019, so stay tuned (or better yet, subscribe).

8. Day 2 of “12 Days Til Christmas” Countdown-Kreighoff Second Model FG-42

In the 12 days counting down to Christmas this year, we decided to do a rewind and show the top selling items in our past 12 Premiere Auctions. The firepower and rarity behind the Kreighoff Second Model FG-42 sparked conversation among our fans with many asking where they can get one for Christmas. With a selling price of $322,000, this may not be the most practical stocking stuffer.

7. Well Documented Special Order Factory Engraved Winchester

The detail and extraordinary condition of this Winchester deluxe schuetzen rifle is astounding. It did pretty well for itself in one of our auctions this year and brought home $51,750. Below it is an extraordinary factory engraved Winchester Model 1890 that came with an engraved  Winchester A5 scope and a Maxim Model 1920 silencer, still accompanied by its original packaging. This combination did not go unnoticed and realized a hefty $126,500.

6. Excellent St. Etienne Gaulois Palm Pistol

Perhaps the compact, low power, and unconventional nature of this gun led to its abbreviated production period from the 1890s to early 1910s, but its unique nature caught the eyes of our Instagram followers. It’s not everyday you see a French palm pistol, let alone in such high condition. It was an absolute steal this December at $978.

5. “Out of the Box” Crate of Winchester Carbines

This post featured one of our most unique auction offerings of the year with our “unboxed” crate of Winchester Model 1895 carbines. This post was highly requested after we posted a picture of the firearms “in the crate” and received tremendous positive feedback. We like to give the public what they want.

4.  Colts and Winchester Shotguns

Featuring casehardened firearms that could bring a tear to your eye, just the preview of this video received over 10,000 views this November. People just can’t get enough of beautiful Winchesters and Colts.


3. Record Breaking Year

We had another record breaking year at RIAC thanks to all our wonderful consignors and bidders. We posted a blog summing up 2018 on our website, check it out now.

December 2018 results














2. Winchester Rifles: Rarities & Beauties

If you haven’t seen our IGTV videos, you are missing out your chance to learn about the history behind our beautiful firearms. We had a variety of  rare, well-conditioned Winchester rifles in our December Premiere Auction and we showcased a few in this video. From a rare Model 1 of 100 to other gorgeous deluxe Winchesters, we have it all in this video. See the full video on our IGTV or our YouTube Channel.


1. The Collection to Beat All Other Firearm Collections

Our most liked post this year on Instagram is none other than a selection of fine sporting arms offered in our December Premiere auction. The artfully displayed and wonderfully embellished guns were surely the reason this post received the most likes and engagements on not only Instagram, but Facebook, as well.

“Honorable Mentions” 

2. The “Original” Fidget Spinner

Mixing classic Western scenes with popular culture references was a hit this December. We love our Friday Funnies at RIAC, and it gives us a chance to share the funniest content in the firearms community. Taking a classic scene from “Tombstone” and turning it into a joke about a kid’s toy sparked interest with our followers on Instagram.

1. “The Rifleman” Meme

We were on the fence about adding this to the list or not since it’s a shared post (a.k.a. not our original content), but why not! Every Friday we post a #gunfunnies post, and this meme featuring “The Rifleman” went berserk within a day of us sharing it. We want to thank the original IG account that posted it, @kalashboiz, and also, Chuck Connors, for the 108,000 plus views and over 100 comments.


As you can tell, we saw a lot of interest in our firearms in the second half of the year. We are continually growing with more and more follows on Instagram every day. If you’d like to stay up-to-date with all that’s happening at the Rock Island Auction Company, be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And while you’re at it, give us a “subscribe” click on YouTube so you never miss a video from RIAC. Thank you for all your likes, shares, and support in 2018. We are thrilled to start a new year and to keep putting great firearms content in your feed.




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