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 LOT 1398
Historic Cased Pair
of Silver Inlaid, Engraved, and Relief Carved Devisme Flobert Saloon
Pistols Attributed to Famed Marksman
and Author Walter Winans -A) Devisme Flobert Pistol - Serial no. 3575, 22 RF cal., 9 inch fluted bbl., blue/ silver finish, hardwood stock. Jean-Louis Francois Devisme’s shop was among the most accomplished producers of artistic firearms for the elite in France and beyond in the 19th century and was known for interesting and innovative firearms.
This pair certainly fits within that reputation. The case lid escutcheon and trigger guards have “WW” under a crest with a pair of arms holding
a trefoil element. This
is attributed to famed
American marksman,
Olympic medalist, and
sport shooting author
Walter Winans, and the
“WW” marking style is
consistent with multiple
other handguns owned
by Winans that have
been sold through
RIAC. Though born to
American parents, Winans was by and large a European man having grown up in St. Petersburg and spent most of the rest of his life in the U.K. He remains the only person to win an Olympic gold medal in both sports and arts (art competitions forming part of the modern Olympic Games from 1912 until 1948) and also won twelve straight British revolver championships. The crest may be a simplified design based on his more elaborate crest which has a man holding grapes and vine leaves in one hand (see the title page of “Automatic Pistol Shooting” by Walter Winans). The barrels have bead style front sights, fluted midsections, “Devisme a Paris” inlaid in silver ahead of the fine notch rear sights, and inlaid foliate vine patterns that also extend onto the hammers and furniture. The underside of the barrels have the Liege provisional proof and “FLOBERT.” The stocks have silver inlaid floral scroll accents and wire borders, relief floral and scroll carving on the forends, and fluted wrists. The serial numbers are marked on the left side of the actions under the stock lines. “A” also has “7166” on the stock at the toe,
and “B” has “7167” with the last digit stamped over an “8.” The case has the Devisme
markings in gold inside the lid and a closely fit interior also containing cleaning rods, a screwdriver, round container, and spare mainspring.
CONDITION: Very fine with 75% plus original blue finish, aged patina on the silver, patches of smooth gray and brown patina, and minor overall wear. The stock is fine and has distinct carving, light scratches, and mild handling wear. Mechanically fine. The case and accessories are all fine and have mild age and storage related wear mainly on the case exterior which has some flaking.
B) Devisme Flobert Pistol - Serial no. 3530, 22 RF cal., 9 inch fluted bbl., blue/silver finish, hardwood stock. See “A.”
CONDITION: Fine with 60% original blue finish, aged patina on the silver, smooth gray and brown patina on the balance, and mild overall wear. The stock is also fine and has crisp caring, light scratches and dings, and mild handling and storage wear. Mechanically fine.
Estimate: 7,500 - 15,000

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