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Winchester Model 75 Bolt Action Target Rifle

Old Guns with New Life

Guest Post 10/05/2018   Collectors love old guns. Sometimes it is their historical value, other times it is their interesting mechanical function, and once in...Read More
engraved Colt Single Action Army revolvers

Colt Single Action Army: Why You Want 2nd & 3rd Gen

09/28/2018 Written by Brian Beck   Colt Single Action Army Revolvers You Should Give a Second... or Maybe Third Look See what I did there?...Read More
Berdan Sharps rifle Civil War

The Sharps Rifle of Berdan's Sharpshooters

08/30/2018 By Brian Beck [caption id="attachment_18608" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Lot 1183: Civil War Era Sharps Rifle New Model 1859 Percussion Military Rifle Potentially Issued to the...Read More
French percussion dueling pistols

What is a Dueling Pistol?

08/16/2018 By Seth Isaacson [caption id="attachment_18340" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Lot 3151: Cased Pair of French Dueling Pistols with Accessories[/caption] The tradition of dueling, particularly with pistols,...Read More
WWI Remington Model 10 trench gun

Collecting: The Trench Gun

07/27/2018 By Joel Kolander Trench guns hold a fascination with collectors and a "cool factor" all their own. But why? Is it simply because they...Read More
M5A1 Stuart Light Tank

"Tanks, Jeeps, & Armor... Oh My!" RIAC Military Vehicles

07/20/2018 By Joel Kolander Unless you've been completely ignoring our social media accounts, you're probably aware that we have some pretty fantastic military vehicles coming...Read More
Schermuly rocket pistol

The Schermuly Pistol Rocket Apparatus

06/08/2018 By Joel Kolander If a firearm is unusual enough, it enters into that special place of "curiosa": the Gyrojet, harmonica guns, duckfoot pistols, cane...Read More
Exhibition engraved Colt Python Howard Dove

The Top 10 Colt Python Revolvers

05/30/2018 By Joel Kolander Colt Python - These Are Some Of The Best Python Guns Sold At Auction   Unless you've been hiding under a...Read More
Lindsay two shot hammers

Four Unusual Civil War Era Innovations In Firearm Design

05-22-2018 By Joel Kolander   If you're a student of firearms history, then we don't need to tell you that the 19th century was rife...Read More