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Gun Consignment

We are the best place to sell your guns! As a firearms auction house, we have one common goal with our consignors: achieve the highest possible price.

Rock Island Auction Company has firmly established itself as the #1 firearms auction house in the world for collectible firearms, edged weapons, & military artifacts. It is a position we have held since 2003 through a winning formula of integrity, superior marketing, first-class presentation, and a constant pursuit of excellence. As the undisputed leader in our field, we invite you to sell your guns by consignment with us to find out what so many others already know. No one gets you more money for your firearms, or works as hard, as Rock Island Auction Company. Learn how to sell you guns today!






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Dear Mia, I received the item yesterday, and wanted to write to commend your company on the exceptional packing job. The custom built wooden crate, into which the large framed item was fitted perfectly, was most impressive. Please extend my thanks to the people who are responsible for doing such a great job. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone at RIA.


Award Winning Firearms Catalogs

Catalogs are a gun auction company’s single most effective tool to present and market your collector firearms. In an auction world that is increasingly becoming dominated by off-site bidders, we use our catalogs to nearly put the guns into the hands of people around the world who are confident in bidding on your items without ever inspecting them in person. They have even received two Pewter Prizes in the Business Catalog category at the Gold Ink Awards, the industry’s most prestigious print competition. Want a second opinion that Rock Island Auction Catalogs are the best?


It is our job to bring your collector firearms to life on the pages of our catalogs. Our goal is to present the item as is: no better, no worse, but accurately. We at Rock Island Auction Company produce the finest catalogs in the industry. Since RIAC’s inception we have continued to be pioneers in our approach to catalog design and layout. In the early 1990’s we were the first company to adopt full color photography and approximately 11 years later we were the first to switch from film to digital photography. The innovation that we incorporate into our catalogs is unmatched: we were the first to publish a fluid cylinder scene shot, and the first and only to use fold out page displays. In the pages that follow you will read about everything that makes our catalogs the best in the industry. Many of the features in our catalogs are completely unique and exclusive to RIAC.


To see these three-volume catalogs is to truly appreciate what an impressive document they are. These books are also spiral bound for our buyers’ convenience, making them easy to browse, hold one’s place, and to use during our auctions. Anyone who orders a catalog for an auction, also receives the prices realized after the sale has finished, making the catalogs a useful pricing tool in addition to its beauty. We couldn’t be more proud of these stunning publications.



Collector Firearms Catalogs



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Selling Large Gun Collections And Trusts & Estate Guns

Collectors of all types have many options at their disposal when determining what happens to their precious items when they are gone. For many, this is not the most pleasant conversation, but it is a critical topic to address. Planning ahead will not only ease the burden of the bereaved, but also save one’s benefactors and family a great deal of time and money. Here at Rock Island Auction Company, we’re collectors just like you. We know that even discussing the dispersal of your collection can be extremely difficult. You’ve spent years, or decades, building a collection that suits your taste and focuses on what interests you. It is exactly that difficulty that makes this matter so important to handle in advance. Fortunately, there are many options available to you as a collector and we believe RIAC to be the most profitable of them.

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Trust and Estates
Trust and Estates
Trust and Estates
Trust and Estates
Trust and Estates
Trust and Estates

Our Gun Auction Facility


From our humble beginnings in a garage that once housed founder Pat Hogan’s other business ventures, Rock Island Auction Company has moved twice to larger facilities to accommodate its burgeoning business. The most recent of which was in the spring of 2011 to its current state of the art, 86,000 square foot home. The move demonstrates our investment in the industry and belief in the industry for many more years to come. We do not hesitate to consider it one of the most state of the art and comfortable brick and mortar auction facilities in the world. We have extensively renovated the space in every possible way to more closely demonstrate our motto: “We Believe in Presentation.”

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