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Shooting Fat Mac the .950 JDJ Rifle!

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By Joel Kolander

950 JDJ Rifle

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950 JDJ rifle

Meet “Fat Mac”

Our videos on the SSK Industries rifle chambered in 950 JDJ, a.k.a. “Fat Mac” has been up less than a week and is already the most popular video we’ve ever made. If you haven’t seen it yet, this was its introduction.

This behemoth was developed by the cartridge’s namesake and president of SSK Industries, J.D. Jones. It is 20x110mm Vulcan Cannon cartridge shortened and then necked down to .950 caliber. It’s so large it had to receive an ATF “Sporting Use Exception” from the ATF to avoid be classified as a Destructive Device. Only three rifles were made by SSK to fire this mammoth round.


big bore rounds

L to R: .30-06, .700 Nitro Express, .950 JDJ, and 4-Bore rounds

With a gun this rare and powerful in-house, it was only a matter of time before the desire to shoot it became insurmountable. One beautiful fall afternoon I was fortunate enough to take Fat Mac out to a private range along with the other two monster rounds shown in the photo above.  The .700 NE was fired from an immense Searcy & Co. double rifle (also appearing in our December 2017 Premiere Firearms Auction) and the 4-bore was thrown from a beautiful crafted Ken Owen double rifle (ditto). To say it was an amazing morning is an understatement. Check out our video where we shoot some of the world’s most powerful rifles.



Ken Owens Rewa 4-Bore double rifle

A 4-bore worthy of a maharaja. Watch the video to find our why.

Ken Owens 4-bore double rifle


Searcy double rifle 700 NE

B. Searcy & Co. Double Rifle in .700 Nitro Express


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