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If you’re an avid gun collector, your passion likely motivates you to constantly look to augment the number and types of firearms you own and can display. One of the most popular types of firearms for collectors these days is the antique derringer. These smaller weapons are aesthetically pleasing, stylish and, given their size, easy to add to almost any gun display. The biggest challenge that collectors face involves where they can find a high-quality antique derringer for sale. Truly unique and well-preserved pieces are extremely difficult to find for many reasons.

Fortunately, Rock Island Auction Company has several solutions for those looking for an antique derringer. We have several from which you can choose right here, and you can even refine your search to find the antique derringer for sale that you find to be a perfect fit for your collection. Not to mention, we handle gun consignment as well, so if you have an antique derringer that you’d like to consider selling with the premier firearm auction company in the United States, feel free to contact us at any time to discuss the details further. We’ll be happy to answer whatever questions you have.

Flintlock Closeup

Flintlock Closeup

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