Antique Revolvers for Sale

At Rock Island Auction, we go beyond collectible arms by offering many kinds of shootable firearms both antique and modern. An antique firearm preserves a moment in history forever.

Antique pistols and a set of spurs

You can find stunning antique revolvers such as these in our auctions. Click here to see our upcoming gun auctions.

Enjoy collecting antique firearms? Our team of experts helps make the process simple and convenient for you. We inspect all firearms to accurately describe their condition so you can find the collectible firearm that’s right for you.

Antique pistols and their boxes

Antique revolvers can be percussion arms or fire cartridges, as shown in this impressive medley.

More About Antique Revolvers

Antique firearms are defined as guns manufactured in or before 1898, replicas thereof, and firearms that use “a primitive ignition system,” or that use ammunition that is no longer commercially available. Our auctions feature your favorite historic models, including the antique revolver and more.

Revolvers rose to relevance in the early 19th century, and almost instantly made their presence felt. Anyone bearing a wheelgun on their hip had a distinct advantage in firepower over those still relegated to carrying single-shot firearms.

RIAC’s selection of antique revolvers for sale includes western firearms, military firearms, pepperboxes, double actions, single actions, Civil War revolvers, and more. Not only can you collect by firearm but also by manufacturer. RIAC auctions sell iconic brands like Colt, Smith & Wesson, Remington, and more. Our antique revolvers remain a favorite for collectors in every market.

Gun belt daggers and a revolver

Shown here is Colt Single Action Army, serial number 2. Our gun auctions frequently offer such historically significant antique revolvers.

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The revolver has almost 200 years of proven performance, assuring its place in firearms history. Rock Island Auction Company is the number one trusted source for antique revolvers and all collectible firearms.