The proof is in our results. If you’ve gotten to this page, we’ve already told you that we’ve been the #1 firearms auction house in the world since 2003. What you may not know is that we’ve been setting world records in sales since 2010, and continue to shatter our own records as we set the bar continually higher. Each of the following numbers is an industry leading figure and clearly shows RIAC’s continuing growth and performance.

  • 2004:     $14.6 million
  • 2005:     $16 million
  • 2006:     $19 million
  • 2007:     $28.6 million
  • 2008:     $31+ million
  • 2009:     $28 million
  • 2010:     $32 million – Setting the industry record!
  • 2011:     $32 million
  • 2012:     $47 million – A new industry record
  • 2013:     $48 million – Another new record
  • 2014:     $47.5 million
  • 2015:     $51 million – Another record-smashing year!
  • 2016:     $63 million – A HUGE leap
  • 2017:     $63+ million – AGAIN setting an industry record
  • 2018:     $75.5 million – Unprecedented growth.
  • 2019:     $77 million – New heights

But results aren’t just measured in numbers, they’re measured in people, and people know where to go to add the world’s finest firearms to their collections. The participation in our auctions, at every level, continues to grow in leaps and bounds. People love to attend our auctions in person and visit our elaborate Preview Hall, but you certainly don’t have to be present to take part in the action. The participation of buyers has also grown thanks to our efficient website. Even before its total overhaul in 2016, it was bringing in record numbers of sealed bids from around the world – routinely more than 12,000 bids before an auction even begins!


This is in addition to the ever increasing amount of live phone bidders who partake in these auctions. Below is a photo of our phone bank filled with live bidders competing for the items in our auction. Even more exciting is that sometimes we are required to set up additional phone banks on the opposite side of the auction hall to accommodate as many as 40 phone bidders at one time! This tremendous participation continues to grow every year, and drives our superior results.


Results can also be measured in the regular offering of prominent, world-class collections. The 20th centuries greatest collectors have sold through Rock Island Auction Company, and it has been our honor to be trusted with their life-long passions.