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Lot 2305: Colt Single Action Army Cavalry Model Revolver

Auction Date: June 23, 2022

John T. Cleveland Inspected Colt Single Action Army Cavalry Model Revolver with Factory Letter

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John T. Cleveland Inspected Colt Single Action Army Cavalry Model Revolver with Factory Letter

Manufacturer: Colt
Model: Single Action
Type: Revolver
Gauge: 45 Long Colt
Barrel: 7 1/2 inch round
Finish: nickel
Grip: walnut
Item Views: 598
Item Interest: Active
Serial Number:
Class: Antique

OD - VERY GOOD- all original parts; none to 30% original finish; original metal surfaces smooth with all edges sharp; clear lettering, numerals and design on metal; wood slightly scratched or bruised.



Manufactured in 1877 and inspected by Ordnance Sub-Inspector John T. Cleveland. The accompanying factory letter lists revolver in .45 caliber, blue finish and type of stocks and barrel length not listed (usually indicating walnut and 7 1/2 inches, respectively) when it was shipped to Schuyler, Hartley and Graham, New York City on November 3, 1877. The bottom of the barrel is stamped with the sub-inspector's initials "J.T.C.", a "P" proof mark and "C". The barrel is stamped with two partial serial numbers "4747" and "4524". The "C" may be a government condemnation mark; similar marks and two serial numbers were noted on a nickel-plated Single Action Revolver No. 33946 described on page 158 of "Colt Cavalry and Artillery Revolvers" by John Kopec and Sterling Fenn. The bottom of the frame is stamped with "J.T.C." above the serial number "34747". The full serial number "34747" is stamped on the trigger guard and back strap. The cylinder is stamped with a "P" proof mark, "J.T.C." and the partial serial number "4747". The "7" on the cylinder does not match the numbers stamped on other parts of the revolver. A small "C" is stamped on the rear face of the cylinder. The left side of the frame is roll-stamped with the three-date/three-line patent marking followed by the "U.S." property mark. The later added "U.S.I.D." initials are boldly stamped on the bottom of the back strap over nicks and dings (suggesting they were added later). In "A Study of the Colt Single Action Revolver" author John Kopec noted one revolver in his survey was stamped "USID" on the back strap. The Indian Police were part of the United States Interior Department in this period, and other guns marked "USID" such as the Remington-Keene "Frontier rifles" are known to have been issued to the Indian Police. The left side of the grip is stamped with a faint "1877" date above an illegible Ordnance inspector's initials. Illegible Ordnance inspector's initials are visible on the lower right side of the grip.

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