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Lot 2624: U.S. Inland M1 Carbine with Late M2 Infrared Scope

Auction Date: June 23, 2022

U.S. Inland M1 Semi-Automatic Carbine with Late M2 Infrared Scope, Power Supply Box, Case and Accessories

Price Realized:
Estimated Price: $5,500 - $8,500

U.S. Inland M1 Semi-Automatic Carbine with Late M2 Infrared Scope, Power Supply Box, Case and Accessories

Manufacturer: Inland
Model: T3
Type: Rifle
Gauge: 30 Carbine
Barrel: 18 inch round
Finish: parkerized
Stock: walnut
Item Views: 1199
Item Interest: Very Active
Serial Number:
Class: Curio & Relic Long Gun
Bore Condition: Shiny - Very little wear

NE - GOOD- in working condition, wear on working surfaces, finish 40% - 79%, no broken parts, no corrosion or pitting that will interfere with proper functioning, but may have some minor surface pitting. Wood condition commensurable with percent of finish with dings and dents associated with 40% - 79% gun.


This is an example of a late World War II M1 Carbine as manufactured by the Inland Division of General Motors Corporation that was field upgraded in the early stages of the Korean War era with a late M2 infrared scope setup. The M2 infrared scope was originally introduced in late World War II for use with the limited amount of purpose built T-3 carbines, whereas this late M2 infrared scope setup serves as a field conversion package for use with any standard M1 or M2 carbine using a separate mounting bar fitted to the top of a standard receiver and required holes to be drilled in the stock. In response to Allied troops undergoing surprise night attacks from the Japanese throughout the war, early M2 infrared scopes were first employed overseas to see active combat in the later Pacific campaigns of World War II, and are known to have inflicted a massive amount of casualties against the Japanese troops during the night; considered to be the first successful combat use of night vision, and a massive evolutionary leap in small arms that laid the groundwork for modern day military sniper systems. These late M2 field replacement scopes were manufactured by Bell & Howell in their own serialized range of M-2-1-50 to M-2-1700-50, with the the last two digits signifying the contract date of 1950. The late variation M2 scopes lasted a very short time and were replaced by the M3 infrared sniper scope package shortly after, lending to their rarity on the collectors market today. The included M2 infrared sniper scope, wearing serial number "M-2-1677-50", is fitted on top of the scope mounting bar, with the large infrared emitter lens mounted on top of the scope. The gun is fitted with a two-rivet handguard modified for use with the scope mounting bar and a pistol grip trigger switch for on and off operation of the emitter mounted underneath the forend of the stock, "8-44" dated Inland barrel, "JI" marked Type III barrel band with bayonet lug, "P-I" slide, Type III "IO" parkerized round bolt, Inland milled trigger guard, "E.I." magazine catch with "M" marked face, and flip safety. The M2 infrared scope system is complete with its correct olive drab green late M2 scope case, small parts, heavy power cable, power supply box, top mounted infrared emitter, forend pistol grip switch, and a separate hand held pistol grip switch for use with the scope. Also includes an M3 clamp-on flash hider, olive drab green canvas sling and oiler. Absent magazine.

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