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Lot 300: Two American Pocket Handguns

Auction Date: June 22, 2022

Two American Pocket Handguns

Price Realized:
Estimated Price: $1,600 - $2,500

A) Remington-Elliot Ring Trigger .32 Deringer

Manufacturer: Remington Arms Inc
Model: Elliot
Type: Pistol
Gauge: 32 RF
Barrel: 3 1/4 inch fluted
Finish: blue
Grip: hardwood
Item Views: 331
Item Interest: Active
Serial Number:
Class: Antique

OE - GOOD - some minor replacement parts; metal smoothly rusted or lightly pitted in places, cleaned; principal lettering, numerals and design on metal legible; lightly scratched, bruised or minor cracks repaired; in good working order.


Manufactured 1863-88.

B) Engraved James Reid "My Friend" Knuckle Duster Revolver

Manufacturer: Reid James
Model: Knuckle Duster
Type: Revolver
Gauge: 32
Barrel: 1 3/4 inch cluster
Finish: silver
Grip: metal
Item Views: 331
Serial Number:
Class: Antique

OG - POOR- major or minor parts replaced; major replacement parts required and extensive restoration needed; metal deeply pitted; principal lettering, numerals and design obliterated, wood badly scratched, bruised, cracked or broken; mechanically inoperative; generally undesirable as a collectors firearm in its present state.


Manufactured 1868-1882.

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