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Lot 1788: Inland T3 Carbine 30 M1 Carbine

Auction Date: September 7, 2012

Rare Late World War II Inland "T3" Carbine with M2 Infrared Sniper Scope, Power Pack, Battery and Accessories

Estimated Price: $19,000 - $25,000

Rare Late World War II Inland "T3" Carbine with M2 Infrared Sniper Scope, Power Pack, Battery and Accessories

Manufacturer: Inland
Model: T3
Type: Carbine
Gauge: 30 M1 Carbine
Barrel: 18 inch round
Finish: parkerize
Stock: walnut
Item Views: 6477
Serial Number:
Catalog Page: 261
Class: Curio & Relic Long Gun

This is an excellent example of an original very late WWII production, Inland "T3" Carbine, that is complete with an original "M2" infrared sniper scope and accessories. This M2 scope was the original first model Infrared Sniper scope that was developed in early/mid-1944 that was subsequently fielded in late-1944 for use with the original WWII "T3" carbine designed specifically for this scope. These T3 carbine/M2 Infrared scope rigs were produced on an extremely limited basis with an estimated quantity of only "1000" ever produced, specifically in their own serial number range. After WWII, 99.9% of all these "T3" carbines were demilitarized by the US Government by torch cutting through the receiver, however this example is all original and has the correct, uncut T3 receiver. These T3 carbines were specifically designated to use with the original M2 Infrared Sniper Scope that had the large infrared emitter lens mounted on the underside forend of the stock, with the smaller M2 detector scope mounted on top of the receiver. The primary difference between these T3 carbines and the standard M1 carbine, (aside from the scope mounting position) is that these "T3" carbines were not machined for the standard rear sight and instead had a one piece, integral scope base brazed/pinned on top of the receiver. This integral base may have been one of the primary reasons for the removal and demilitarization of this model from Army inventory as it was later replaced by the standard "M3" Infrared Sniper scope conversion package, that had the separate long mounting bar, that would allow any "standard M1" carbine to be converted for use with the infrared scope and then could be reconverted back to it's original M1 carbine configuration. This original one-piece, integral scope mount forced a relocation of the model number from the top of the receiver to the right rear side of the receiver. This carbine has the following markings; top of the barrel is marked; "INLAND MFG. DIV./GENERAL MOTORS/4-45", with the right side of the receiver marked: "U.S. CARBINE/CAL. 30 T3". The top rear portion of the receiver is marked "INLAND DIV/0736". The receiver has the original one-piece mounting bar directly on top of the receiver that was brazed/pinned on the receiver. The front of the mount/scope base of the M2 scope has the lower foot that locks in place on the front of the mount, (like on the Redfield/Leupold scope base) when rotated with two screws on the rear of the base that hold the scope in place which allow it to be adjusted for windage. The top of the scope has the small brass nomenclature plate that is marked; "CORPS OF ENGINEERS, U.S. ARMY/SNIPERSCOPE M-2/ BELL AND HOWELL COMPANY CHICAGO, ILL./CORNELL DUBILIER ELECTRIC CORP. PLAINFIELD N.J." with the side of the plate marked; "SERIAL NO./M-2 1372-50". This T3/M2 carbine rig is complete with the original M2 sniper scope, with cables, power pack and battery case, (no battery include but they are available on the commercial market ), the forward pistol grip assembly with base and infrared collector, the original T3 style carbine stock, with the large squared off, bulbous forend. The T3 carbine itself has many of the late WWII/Korean War type components, such as the type three (KI) marked barrel band, a round M2 style bolt, a M2 style magazine release, with the small clip on the left side and a unmarked, parkerized flip safety and an original late production four rivet handguard. With the small metal plate fitted to the left side of the stock above the pistol grip area that holds the large power cable. This scarce T3/M2 infrared sniper rig is complete with an original GI "M3/U" marked flash hider, a separate or spare M2 "Snooper" scope with cables and separate power pack (this is the hand held version of the sniper scope), 3- twenty round and 1- thirty round carbine magazines and a two-pocket canvas magazine case, along with an original GI issue repair/manual for the M1 and M2 sniper scopes, and a Engineer Supply Catalog (ENG.-9-9341) showing all the various parts and accessories. This complete rig is housed in a hard plastic commercial storage/carrying case.

Rating Definition:

Very good overall with 90% of the late Korean war era, GI type parkerized finish overall showing only minor wear on the right side of the receiver from actuating the operating slide, with some thinning on the exposed barrel and bayonet lug assembly. The stock is in very good condition with minimal handling marks with a nice dark brown color overall, showing an old long crack on the right side of the stock, which could easily be repaired. Both scope and infrared collectors retain 95% of their original black GI finish. The lower infrared collector may have a damaged bulb inside as there is some loose material inside. (OEM, bulbs can be readily found on the internet in some cases). Both of these units have not been tested, but both look to be in original condition.

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