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Lot 1535: Springfield Armory U.S. M1 Rifle 30-06

Auction Date: December 8, 2013

Extremely Rare Early Production Springfield Armory Gas-Trap M1 Garand Rifle with Rare Theater Made Blast Deflector and Authentication Letter

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Estimated Price: $30,000 - $50,000

Extremely Rare Early Production Springfield Armory Gas-Trap M1 Garand Rifle with Rare Theater Made Blast Deflector and Authentication Letter

Manufacturer: Springfield Armory U.S.
Model: M1
Type: Rifle
Gauge: 30-06
Barrel: 22 1/2 inch round
Finish: parkerize
Stock: walnut
Item Views: 9195
Serial Number:
Catalog Page: 218
Class: Curio & Relic Long Gun

This is a fabulous all original "Gas Trap" M1 Garand that was manufactured by Springfield Armory. Based on the data sheets listed in the book "The Gas Trap Garand" by Billy Pile, this rifle was probably manufactured in November or December 1939, and has remained in its all original unaltered condition since then. This is not a part gun or one that has been assembled with reproduction parts but is an authentic "Gas Trap" M1 rifle. This rifle was actually made approximately mid-way in the overall Gas Trap series as some of the highest documented Gas Trap M1 rifles were in the 50,000 serial number range. The rifle receiver has correctly "not been modified" for the 7th round stoppage fix, and is correctly marked with the four line markings on the rear of the receiver. The right side of the receiver is marked with heat lot "J 2 M" over "D-28291-1". It is fitted with the fifth pattern windage knob with the small closed arrows, marked "LEFT/LEFT" with the fine serrated edge and flat rear sight nut. The elevation knob is the third pattern with the open arrows, marked "BATTLE/RANGE/UP/DOWN", with open arrows, that is probably marked on the back side, "C 46002". The rear sight aperture is correctly marked "B-8868-1", with the rear sight cover stamped "B 8872". It has the early, round end clip release. The barrel is correctly marked on the right side with only a punched "P" proof that is probably marked on top with "B-28286 B-2", (however we did not remove the rear handguard to verify this as the barrel band pin is still staked in place). The barrel is fitted with an early second first pattern Gas Trap, gas cylinder that is stamped on the rear ring, with drawing number "D 28289" (with no revision number) correct rear facing with a small "0" stamp on top of the base behind the front sight. The front sight is also correctly stamped "B 8882-0", with the serrations on the rear of the sight below the blade and on the ears. The gas cylinder plug is a transition version that does not carry any drawing or revision numbers, but still retains the lightning cut/hole in the front. The gas cylinder plug is fitted with an extremely RARE "Alaskan blast deflector" that is one of three known. These blast deflectors were theater made during WWII and were used by the Alaskan Rangers of the Alaskan National Guard while on coastal patrol, both during and after the battle of Attu and Kiska Islands. The following is a listing of the various parts and markings: 1) the trigger guard is milled, without rings on the take down hole, stamped "C46025", no spaces, 2) trigger housing "D 28290" (with small round hole above the trigger) marked with heat lot number "R 32" on the right side, 3) hammer "C 46008-1", with traverse hole, 4) safety "C 46015-1", 5) hammer spring plunger with protective ears, unmarked 6) hammer spring housing, early version with square end open window on the back side, 7) trigger marked "C-46020-1" on the back side, 8) safety "C-46015-4" 9) Bolt "D 28287-1 over D1", 10) follower rod: 1st model, unmarked, fitted with the correct Keystone, square wire, compensating spring, along with the correct square wire recoil spring (19 inches long), 11) follower, correct revision 2 marked on the under side, 12) operating rod catch assembly or accelerator: marked with the number "0" on the front, 13) follower arm: machine marked on the side "B8869" no spaces, 14) bullet guide: early milled version marked "B-8875", 15) follower arm pin, standard production version with steps on each end, 16) operating rod, early two-piece version with slant cut marked "D 35382-0". The stock is the early version with the boxed "S.A./S.P.G." cartouche, (with no cross-cannon Ordnance cartouche) and circled "P" proof in the pistol grip area. It is stamped with drawing number, "D28293" directly behind the pistol grip that has the long cutout stock channel with a single "J" inspector proof inside the lower stock channel. The rear of the stock has the correct large hole over the smaller hole and is fitted with the correct solid, No Trap buttplate, that is stamped on the back sides, "C-46012". It is fitted with an early second variant lower sling swivel screw, that is unmarked along with a lower sling swivel marked "B-8889". The stock is fitted with an early stock ferrule marked "C-46013-2". It is fitted with the early pattern front handguard marked with drawing number "C4605", stamped on the right side with lipped front ferrule that fits into the gas cylinder with the third pattern barrel band with circumferential groove, with no drawing number, that still has the machined lower cutout areas and the solid pin (still staked in place as previously noted). The rear handguard is also the correct early version that has the milled handguard band with fixture holes on the underside.

Rating Definition:

Very fine with 85% plus of the original parkerized finish overall with even honest wear on the exposed parts, with the breech still in the white. The gas cylinder has been repainted, which has flaked to 80%. The stock and both handguards are both in fine condition with their nice original matching dark brown oil finish, showing numerous scratches, pressure dents and minor gouges on the sides overall. However all wood components are all original and unaltered as the rest of the rifle. This is just a fabulous all original and unaltered Gas Trap M1 rifle that is rarely encountered on the collector market. This rifle was written up in the "G.C.A. Journal", Vol. 13-#1 (article will be included with the rifle) and also comes with authentication letter from Scott Duff. A truly rare fully documented early Production U.S. Springfield M1 Gas Trap rifle.

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