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Lot 1596: Framed Collection of Public Enemy Number One John Dillinger Memo

Auction Date: September 11, 2015

Framed Collection of Public Enemy Number One John Dillinger Memorabilia

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Framed Collection of Public Enemy Number One John Dillinger Memorabilia

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This framed collection houses memorabilia related to notorious Public Enemy Number One John Dillinger. Dillinger was declared by the FBI a "Public Enemy No. 1" after the demise of the "Bonnie and Clyde" gang and rose to fame by his continued legacy of crime and bank robberies throughout the Midwest and upper Ohio area. The so-called Dillinger Gang, or Terror Gang, robbed twenty-four banks and four police stations. Dillinger was ultimately captured in January 1934 and sent to county jail in Crown Point, Indiana to await trial for the murder of an East Chicago police officer. This was Dillinger's only homicide charge. He was never convicted. He escaped Crown Pont, which authorities boasted was "escape proof," on March 3, 1934. This was his second jail escape. The hunt for Dillinger was once again on, and more bank robberies and shootouts ensued. The FBI’s investigative efforts against Dillinger was headquartered in Chicago, the same city where Dillinger was laying low. Working on a tip from brothel madam Anna Sage (her real name was Ana Cumpanas), FBI agents gunned down Dillinger outside the Biograph Theatre on July 22, 1934. The following items are included in this lot: The Dillinger wanted poster printed by the U.S. Department of Justice that shows Dillinger's mug shot and figure prints and describes his criminal record, a Kankakee County Deputy Sheriff's badge and Tazewell County Constable's badge that belonged to Jessie A. Walters who was involved in the capture of Dillinger, next to the badges is a photocopy of a description stating that the badges belonged to Walters. Although the source is unknown, it is dated December 12, 1955. According to the description, Walters was in contact with numerous associates of Dillinger, including Anna Sage, and was "the key tip man" who "notified FBI Agent Charles Winstead who arranged the details of the 'shoot out' on the eve of July 22, 1934." Walters was with Winstead when agents fired at Dillinger. Finally, there is Walters' Special Deputy Sheriff commission paper, which is dated December 24, 1930 and signed by Walters. The frame measures 12 1/2 inches by 26 1/2 inches.

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Overall very good. A remarkable set of memorabilia connected to Public Enemy Number One John Dillinger!

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