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Lot 1613: Walther VG1.5 Rifle 7.92 kurtz

Auction Date: December 5, 2015

Rare Late World War II VG1.5 Volkssturmgewehr Semi-Automatic Rifle

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Estimated Price: $30,000 - $50,000

Rare Late World War II VG1.5 Volkssturmgewehr Semi-Automatic Rifle

Manufacturer: Walther
Model: VG1.5
Type: Rifle
Gauge: 7.92 kurtz
Barrel: 16 inch round
Finish: phosphate
Stock: beech
Item Views: 3667
Serial Number:
Catalog Page: 243
Class: Curio & Relic Long Gun

This is a very rare late WWII German VG1.5 or Volkssturmgewehr or "Peoples Assault Rifle" as manufactured by Gustloff-Werke in Suhl. These rifles were a late war development and designed along the same lines as the MP43 and MP44 series of rifles, which were intended to be an even cheaper and more simple method of supplying rifles to the home guards, especially in the Eastern part of Germany, that was subject to being overrun by the Russians. These rifles were made up primarily with all stamped sheet metal parts and components that were welded together or pinned to prevent disassembly, all which minimized the use of the already depleted German manufacturing resources. The only real machined parts on the entire rifle being the barrel, bolt head and various springs. These rifles were never officially sanctioned by the German Army and consequently will not have any acceptance proofs or markings. In fact, they were kept in secret from Hitler who despised their crude and unrefined manufactured appearance. They were produced strictly on order from the Gauleiter in Thurgen, which is the district of the Suhl factory, and is why they bear the "Th" stamp on the stock. It functions on a blow back operated basis using the short 7.92 Kurz cartridge with a fluted chamber to aid in extraction. They have crude fixed blade rear sight with a simple post front sight and the forend and butt stock were roughed out of plain beech wood. The stock is stamped "Th 9901" which probably was intended as the manufacturing serial number of the rifle. It is estimated that several thousand were manufactured and issued late in the war. The rifle is complete with one 30 round magazine that is marked "STG44" on the lower left side with a simple cloth or web type sling. Originally these rifles were finished with the late German phosphate type finish with the plain unfinished stock and forend.

Rating Definition:

Excellent overall with the metal parts correctly finished with a very thin phosphate. The stock and forend are both excellent, showing various handling marks and light pressure dents and dings in a few places. Certainly a very interesting late WWII Nazi semi-automatic rifle that would compliment the finest collection.

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