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Lot 1450: Bergmann Theodor 2 Pistol 5 mm

Auction Date: April 30, 2016

Factory Cased Presentation Bergmann Number 2 Semi-Automatic Pistol with French Labeled Lid

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Estimated Price: $2,750 - $4,250

Factory Cased Presentation Bergmann Number 2 Semi-Automatic Pistol with French Labeled Lid

Manufacturer: Bergmann Theodor
Model: 2
Type: Pistol
Gauge: 5 mm
Barrel: 3 1/8 inch round
Finish: blue
Grip: black checkered plastic
Item Views: 1299
Serial Number:
Catalog Page: 231
Class: Antique

This is a beautiful example of an early 1896 Number 2 semi-automatic pistol as produced by the Bergmann company complete with a factory presentation case. Theodore Bergman was a pioneer in developing semi-automatic pistols in Europe in the late 1890s and early 1900s right along side Mauser, Borchardt, Luger and Walther. These early number 2 pistols were chambered in a very unique 5mm Bergmann rimless cartridge and are considered as one of the first truly successful commercial pistols. Surviving examples are considered very rare as very few were manufactured. They have a distinctive sliding flat top bolt and top cover with the thin, lightweight firing pin. The right side of the pistol has the small Bergman Factory logo of a "Mountain Man" which was the literal translation for the name "Bergmann", that eventually evolved into "miner", which is what this logo represents. The logo is surrounded with "GAGGENAU" on top and "V.C.S./SUHL" on the bottom. Gaggenau was the location of the factory and V.C.S. were the initials for V. Charles Schilling, who actually manufactured these pistols for Bergmann. The front right side of the frame and the back side of both grips are stamped with serial number "809" and the rear edge of the trigger is stamped with "09". The left side of the breech end of the barrel it is stamped with number "611" which has been noted on other early number 2 pistols. This marking was a factory control or serial number for the barrel based on the caliber, as these were controlled in Europe. Below that it is also marked: "PATENT/BREVET/S.G.D.G.". It is fitted with a set of checkered black plastic grips. As noted it is stored in a French fitted type factory presentation case. The case holds the pistol, a small wood handled cleaning rod with three other compartments in the case that are empty. The inside of the case lid has a white factory banner that runs diagonally across the lid that reads: "Arme a repetition automatique/Bergman Pistole/Bergmann's Selfloading Fire arm". The left side is marked "Brevete'./S.G.D.G." and the right side is marked "Patent".

Rating Definition:

Excellent with 98% plus of the original blue finish overall with only minor edge and high spot wear. The black plastic grips are also in excellent condition with only very minor handling marks. The case is also in excellent condition with 99% of the original outer cover still intact with almost no signs of wear. The interior is also in very fine condition, showing only minor edge wear from where the pistol was placed inside and removed from the case. A super example of a early number 2 Bergmann pistol.

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