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Lot 1547: Krieghoff Heinrich Gun Co FG 42 Machine gun 7.92 mm Mauser

Auction Date: April 30, 2016

Desirable Scarce Fully Automatic Class III/NFA World War II Krieghoff Second Model FG42 Fallschirmajager Paratrooper Rifle

Estimated Price: $200,000 - $275,000

Desirable Scarce Fully Automatic Class III/NFA World War II Krieghoff Second Model FG42 Fallschirmajager Paratrooper Rifle

Manufacturer: Krieghoff Heinrich Gun Co
Model: FG 42
Type: Machine gun
Gauge: 7.92 mm Mauser
Barrel: 19 inch round
Finish: phosphate
Grip: brown plastic
Stock: laminated
Item Views: 6504
Serial Number:
Catalog Page: 294
Class: Class III

This is just an excellent example of a very rare late WWII C.G. Haenel FG42 (Fallschirmajager) Paratrooper Rifle, that has been reactivated. These rifles were developed fairly late in WWII at the direction of Herman Goring and were specifically issued to German Paratroopers only. It is estimated that only approximately 5,000 were ever manufactured with most being destroyed after the war, with very few surviving intact examples known today. These rifles were exceptionally unique weapon developed late in WWII and were way ahead of anything that the Allies had. The concept of this rifle was to combine the full-automatic capability of the submachine gun with the "light weight" rifle design that still fried a full power, 7.92 mm Mauser cartridge. Thus these could be used in both short and long range engagements as well as a pseudo-sniper rifle when equipped with the ZF4 sniper scope. This concept was later used in numerous rifles in the post war years, such as the FN/FAL and M14 rifles. One of the most unique feature of this weapon is that it fired from a "closed bolt" when shooting in the semi-automatic mode and from an "open bolt" in the fully automatic mode, which aided in reducing cook-offs. It combined some sheet metal stampings with fully machined parts just like the MP43 and 44 series as well as other easily identified characteristics such as a horizontal 20 round box magazine, a "brass deflector" on the right rear side of the receiver, a permanently attached folding bipod, and folding front and rear sights. This example is a mid-production Second Model that has the more horizontal grip with brown bakelite grip panels, laminated buttstock and two piece wooden forend. The top of the receiver on these rifles was machined with a long dovetail type base designed to accept a sniper scope and rings, (not included with this rifle), with the receiver correctly stamped, "fzs" the wartime code for the Krieghoff Company, over "FG42/04254". This wonderful light combat rifle has the late war green/gray phosphate finish on the receiver and barrel assembly with a blue/black painted finish on the lower trigger group/housing assembly. This exceptionally scarce rifle is complete with the original ribbed compensator fitted to the end of the barrel, the original folding bipod, spike bayonet and one original magazine. As noted this rifle was slightly demilitarized at one point; the rear of the receiver (under the buttstock ring) was cut off and then the same piece was rewelded back on and correctly registered with the BATF. The underside of the receiver behind the pistol grip is now marked: "J.M.CARNEY/7243 MAIN ST./WESTMORLAND. N.Y." and in front of the buttstock it is marked "J.M.C./04254. Additionally the side of the bolt body has been remarked "4254 X fzs".

Rating Definition:

Fine as restored/remanufactured with 90% of the wartime blue/phosphate style finish overall with edge and high spot wear with finish loss overall from use and handling. The stock and forend are both in fine condition showing only minor handling marks and light pressure dents from field use. A solid representative example of a seldom seen WWII German Luftwaffe FG42 Fallschirmajagergewehr Paratrooper Rifle. NOTE: This weapon is a National Firearms Act (NFA), Class 3, Fully Automatic Weapon, which is registered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, (BATF) under the provisions of 18 U.S.C. Chapter 44 and 27 CFR part 478.

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