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Auction Date: September 10, 2017

Lot 3162: Rare Colt D Company Walker Model 1847

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Extremely Rare and Desirable Colt D Company Walker Model 1847 Percussion Revolver
Estimated Price: $125,000 - $175,000
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Serial #Rare Colt D Company Walker Model 1847 ManufacturerColt ModelWalker
TypeRevolver Gauge44 Percussion Catalog Page88
Barrel9 Inch Part Octagon FinishBlue/casehardened GripWalnut
Stock ClassAntique RatingSee Condition
DescriptionColt D Company Walker Revolver number 124. Any Walker is the ultimate piece in any advanced Colt collection; the Walker Model Revolver is among the most difficult to obtain of all Colt firearms. This revolver is one of 1,000 military contract Walker Model Revolvers manufactured by Samuel Colt at Eli Whitney's factory at Whitneyville, Connecticut. First issued to the U.S. Mounted Rifles in 1847, Walker Model Revolvers saw action in the Mexican War and in subsequent campaigns against the Indian tribes in the Southwest and Pacific Northwest. As a result of this extensive frontier service, the survival rate of Colt Walker Model Revolvers was extremely low; only about 100 examples have been identified in collections. A number of these revolvers are in relic condition. The Colt Walker Model Revolver is significant because it is the first Colt revolver purchased and issued in quantity by the U.S. Army. The Walker Model Revolver established Colt as a viable firm and set the stage for subsequent revolver designs. Colt Walker Model Revolvers are directly linked to the settlement of the American West; the Walker Colts were carried in the Mexican War, in the California Gold Rush and in the settlement of Texas and the Far West during the years before the Civil War. The Colt Walker Model Revolver, probably more than any other Colt firearm, symbolizes the early Western frontier. Colt Walker Model No.124 is one of an estimated 220 revolvers manufactured with "D COMPANY" markings (the 1,000 military contract Walker Model Revolvers were serial-numbered sequentially with Company A-E with between 120 and 220 revolvers marked for each company). The massive (4 pound, 9 ounce) revolver has a nine-inch, .44 caliber, part octagon barrel, with a German silver front sight blade. The barrel is fitted with a hinged loading lever with rounded end. The loading lever is secured by a T-shaped spring. The six-shot cylinder is 2 7/16-inches long and has the characteristic oval cylinder stop slots. The rear of the frame has the distinctive grip cut-outs. The cylinder stop screws are not drilled entirely through the frame. The walnut grips have the distinctive 'Slim Jim' contour. The brass trigger guard has a square back with wide bottom. The top of the barrel flat is marked "ADDRESS SAML COLT NEW-YORK CITY" reading toward the muzzle. "U.S./1847" is stamped on the right side of the barrel lug above the barrel wedge slot. The opposite side of the barrel lug is marked "D COMPANY No 124". The left side of the frame has the "D COMPANY No 124" marking. The trigger guard is stamped "D COM-Y No 124" in small letters running from left to right. The bottom of the back strap is marked "D COMPANY No 124" reading toward the trigger guard. The cylinder is stamped "D COMY No 124" in small letters. The rear face of the barrel is numbered "124" between the holes for the frame pins and the opposite side of the frame is also numbered "124". "124" is stamped on the underside of the barrel arbor pin. The underside of the barrel wedge is numbered "24" and "124". A small "P" is stamped in the center of the back strap.

ConditionThis is a genuine Walker Revolver which we have completely disassembled and examined all of its parts. It has had restoration and various alterations. Walkers are known to be "restored" or repaired due to their hard use on the American Frontier. Very few Walkers exist with 100% original parts. The grips and back strap appear to be not original which have been numbered and aged to match. The frame, hammer and brass trigger guard are original with good clear numbering on the frame, trigger guard and cylinder pin. The initial inspection revealed the trigger/bolt springs are period replacements. The mainspring appears to be a more modern replacement. The cylinder has traces of the pressure ridge and battered cylinder safety pins replaced as would be expected for a revolver of this age and use. It is our opinion the number on the cylinder was either refreshed or completely added. The barrel assembly, in our opinion, has also had the "D 124" added to match the balance of the gun. The balance of the markings on the barrel have also been refreshened. The barrel is its original length and a radiograph included so indicates. There is a weld and repair to the barrel lug on the right side up to the round portion of the barrel. It is barely noticeable as the aging process makes it hard to detect. The front barrel sight has been restored and no attempt to hide this is clear as the flux is still visible. The loading lever and plunger are replacements although they are made to appear original. Several of the screws appear to be period replacements. Although the revolver shows significant restoration and alteration it is a genuine Walker revolver that is over 150 years old and obviously saw decades of hard use on the American Frontier. The overall appearance of the revolver is appealing as Walkers go. This is an example of the most desirable of all Colt firearms. This particular Walker has been examined by and authenticated by the foremost experts at "Parade of Walkers" held by the Texas Gun Collectors Association at their show in which this particular Walker was present and received the coveted Certificate of Authenticity (see photo). A great opportunity to own your own Colt Walker.
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