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Lot 1135: Confederate Griswold and Gunnison Percussion Revolver

Auction Date: May 4, 2019

Exceptional Confederate Griswold and Gunnison Percussion Revolver

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Estimated Price: $30,000 - $50,000

Exceptional Confederate Griswold and Gunnison Percussion Revolver

Manufacturer: Griswold & Gunnison
Model: 1851
Type: Revolver
Gauge: 36 percussion
Barrel: 7 1/2 inch
Finish: blue/brass
Grip: walnut
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Item Interest: Very Active
Serial Number:
Catalog Page: 85
Class: Antique

This Colt Model 1851 Navy style percussion revolver was manufactured by Samuel Griswold in Griswoldville, Georgia, c. 1864. Griswold revolvers were close copies of the Colt Model 1851 Navy with a distinctive brass frame and round Dragoon style barrel. Griswold only manufactured approximately 3,700 revolvers for Confederate government contracts from 1862-1864. This revolver is a "Second Model" with half-octagon barrel housing. The brass frame has a large capping cut-out in the recoil shield that lacks a capping channel. The cylinder has six stops and safety pins. The twist lines which are a distinctive feature of Griswold revolvers are barely discernable due to the high condition of the cylinder which still displays most of the original milling marks. The wedge, correctly, lacks a spring. The hammer has deep hand-cut knurling on the spur. The full serial number is stamped on the cylinder, right side of the frame and right side of the barrel lug. The secondary serial number or assembly number "22" is stamped on the loading lever, back strap, trigger guard, wedge and on the internal portions of the trigger guard, back strap, trigger and hammer. A reversed "Q" is stamped on the inside of the frame, trigger guard, back of the frame, bottom of the barrel and back of the cylinder. The Roman numeral "XXIII" is stamped on the inside of the frame bottom, back strap and trigger guard. The barrel and cylinder are blued, the loading lever and hammer are casehardened, and the frame, trigger guard and back strap are natural brass. The one-piece grip is oil-finished walnut.

Rating Definition:

Very good/exceptional, for a Confederate handgun. The barrel and lug have a plum-colored patina with generally smooth metal surfaces and a few scattered spots of surface discoloration. The milling marks are clearly visible on the sides of the barrel lug. The edges of the barrel lug are sharp. The cylinder retains significant amounts of the original dull blue finish. The safety pins and rear faces of the percussion nipples are moderately battered but show only minimal flash pitting. The case colors on the loading lever and hammer have faded to a mottled gray-brown patina. The hammer has very little flash pitting. The brass frame, back strap and trigger guard have been polished in the past. The frame and trigger guard have scattered minor dents and scratches. The bottom of the grip and butt have numerous shallow dents. The sides of the grip are in very good condition with numerous scattered dents and scratches. The screws are all original and in generally good condition. The serial numbers on the frame, cylinder and barrel lug are all sharp. The action is fully functional. This is an original example of the best made and best known Confederate manufactured revolver in exceptional original condition.

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