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Lot 1596: World War II U.S. M8 Greyhound Armored Car

Auction Date: May 4, 2019

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Estimated Price: $75,000 - $150,000

World War II U.S. M8 Greyhound Armored Car

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Manufactured by Ford Motor Company from 1943 to 1945, the M8 Greyhound light armored car was originally designed to be the U.S. Army’s standard anti-tank, all terrain fast vehicle at the outbreak of WWII. As the war dragged on, the M8 proved out matched by German armor piercing rounds and thicker armor plating, therefore denying it as an effective tank hunter, and field use transitioned to a reconnaissance role. Starting in late 1944, Greyhounds began arriving in the Pacific Theater where the vehicle even reverted back to its original tank hunter mission. Ford produced over 8,000 M8s, making it the most produced WWII armored car. The car proved highly adaptable and reliable and, thanks in part to its high production numbers, had a productive post-war military career. At least 48 countries operated the M8 after WWII, including France whose troops operated the vehicle in Indochina and Algeria. This M8 is a modified version upgraded by Napco for export. It was updated with a Detroit Diesel engine, M-series wheels and tires. The rear engine deck was raised to accommodate the new engine. The turret features a demilled 37 mm cannon. The car has a paint scheme similarly used by American armor in Europe and personalized “PEETIE 8” backed by an image of four playing card aces. The vehicle came out of the Guatemalan military and was imported to the U.S. about 25 years ago. It comes with pioneer tools, camo netting, some gear, rear turret .50 cal. pintle/mount, original siren, and gunners scope. Consignor research is included.

Rating Definition:

Very good overall as professionally upgraded (see above) and runs very well. The body work and fenders are very good. The main gun is demilled with a good barrel. A very appealing example for weekend riders, living history reenactors, and parade enthusiasts looking for something out of the ordinary.

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