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Lot 3300: Cased Webley Dual System Double Action Revolver

Auction Date: August 28, 2022

Very Scarce Cased P. Webley & Son "Dual System" Double Action Percussion Revolver with Factory Interchangeable Centerfire Cylinder

Price Realized:
Estimated Price: $2,750 - $4,250

Very Scarce Cased P. Webley & Son "Dual System" Double Action Percussion Revolver with Factory Interchangeable Centerfire Cylinder

Manufacturer: Webley
Model: Percussion
Type: Revolver
Gauge: 54 bore
Barrel: 5 1/2 inch octagon
Finish: blue
Grip: walnut
Item Views: 367
Item Interest: Active
Serial Number:
Catalog Page: 207
Class: Antique

This revolver is a scarce example of the crossover from percussion to cartridge loading systems and provided a solution regarding the supply (or more likely lack of supply) of the then new-fangled centerfire cartridges which were rapidly to become the dominant type of ammunition. For a short period of time, 1865 to 1866, P. Webley & Son produced what is known as the “Dual System” where a revolver was supplied with both a percussion and a centrefire cylinder. The present revolver has a blued octagonal barrel with crescent blade shaped front sight, blued frame signed “P. WEBLEY & SON” and “ST. JAMES’S, LONDON” on the grooved top strap, and fitted with a rammer on the left side and a cartridge extractor on the right side. The frame also includes a hinged loading gate. Checkered walnut grip and iron pommel with small lanyard loop. London black powder proof marks, the right side of the frame with “W&S” winged bullet mark. In original fitted oak case lined in blue baize containing the blued centerfire cylinder serial numbered to the revolver and with suite of accessories including “WD” 54 bore brass bullet mold, pewter oiler, turned bone pot containing a spare percussion nipple, brass mounted copper powder flask, japanned tins for Eley percussion caps (with secondary label noting for Webley revolvers), patent lubricating bullets (the label again noting for Webley revolvers), and lubricating paste, and with loading rod with worm, turnscrew and nipple wrench with pricker. For further reading on this unusual revolver from the dawn of the cartridge era see p. 52 of Gordon Bruce and Christian Reinhart's “Webley Revolvers.”

Rating Definition:

Fine. The revolver retains 75% original bluing on the barrel and the two cylinders. The frame retains traces of original bluing in sheltered places with the remainder with some discoloration. Markings are clear with the exception of the winged bullet logo. The checkering on the grip is well-defined and would improve with gentle cleaning and reoiling. Cylinder lockup/timing needs adjustment; otherwise, mechanically excellent. The case is in very good condition with some wear to the partition lining from the revolver. The key escutcheon is missing, and the lid lining has been replaced. Externally some of the screws around the edge of the lid require tightening, and one is missing. The accessories are generally in excellent condition: the japanned tins retains much of the blacked finish, the labels are clear, and the powder flask retains its correct unpolished lacquered finish.

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