Rock Island Auction Company

Sporting & Collector Firearms Auction #1031

Thursday June 21st, 2018

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Rock Island Auction Company’s June 2018 Regional Firearms Auction provides yet another of the 4-day, 10,000+ item sales for which the company is becoming widely known. The auction house on the Mississippi has long been known to the upper pantheons of collecting for their high condition, world-class collectibles, but the their Regional Auction format has grown tremendously in recent years, courtesy of being filled with a massive number of desirable firearms within the budget of most collectors. June 21 – 24 promises to be no different, with over 10,000 items in the mid-year sale!

Winchester 1887 shotgun factory engraved

Stretching the event into a fifth day is the June 20th Preview Day – a full day preview of the auction items at the RIAC facility that is open to the public. You are cordially invited to attend and inspect any item in the sale in their well-lit, spacious, and climate controlled Preview Hall.

All the genres that collectors love will be represented: Winchester, Colt, U.S. military, German military, Smith & Wesson, Remington, sporting guns, antiques, Browning, Beretta, modern arms, hunting pieces, and numerous self-defense items. Not to mention the other non-firearms items and accessories such as ammunition, books, art, magazines, holsters, cases, and more!

cased Remington New Model Army revolver


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Rock Island Auction Company is the global leader in firearms auctions, currently holding multiple records for our top-selling lots.

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