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How-To Bid Live

Live Bidding – Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Log In with “Remember Me” selected

Logging InLog in to your account from the top right of our website by clicking the “Log In” button. To ensure that you do not lose your connection while live bidding, please be sure to check the box for “Remember Me” just beneath the “Submit” button so that you stay logged in for the duration of the auction.

remember me box



Step 2: Go to the live bidding page

Our live bidding page can be found at:

Live Bidding Page Screen Capture

The Live Bidding Page


    1. Video Stream – This is where the live video stream of our auction appears. By clicking on “Disable Video” just above this area the video will be changed into a larger photo of the current lot until you choose to re-enable the video.
    2. Lot and Current Bid Information – This section includes the current high bid for the lot, who was awarded that bid, the current lot number, and a brief description of the lot. If you are the current high bidder the HIGH BID section will be lit up green and it will indicate the high bid is “by you” instead of another bidder’s name or “Floor” when a bid is awarded elsewhere.
    3. Bid Button – Click it to bid on a lot! This button will only appear if you are logged into our website and approved as a live bidder in our auction.
    4. Messages – This is where the log of all of the live bidding action goes. This can include custom messages from our live bidding clerk, fair warning (and going once/twice) notices, notices of bid increments or current bid changes, messages of who the current bidder was, and when the lot was sold. If you were a bidder on a lot you will get a special notification in this box to let you know whether you were the one that won the lot or lost the lot. More information and examples of these specific messages can be found in the Won or Lost Lot Messages section below.
    5. Live Auction Lot List / Scroller – This is a scrollable list of all the items in the current day’s auction. The list starts at the first item of that specific day and ends at the last item of the day. If a lot you want to bid on is to be offered the third day of the auction, but it is only the first day of the auction, you will not be able to see it in this list. Lots can only be seen on this list on the day they are to be auctioned. If you would like to view that item, please view it using our online catalog.The current lot being auctioned is highlighted in a shade of red with a red border and a “LIVE” word/icon in it’s box. This will automatically update as each lot sells so you can easily know what lot is currently active. Any items in the current auction you have added to your wishlist will be highlighted with a pale green background  so that you can quickly see when an item you were interested in is coming up.
    6. Live Auction Settings – There are a few things you can turn on and off during a live auction to customize your own viewing experience.Live Settings

SYNC SCROLLING: The Lot List will automatically scroll as the lot advances. This can sometimes be an annoyance when looking for a specific item. You can click the first button in this settings bar to disable this auto-scrolling feature or turn it back on as you please.

If you have audio on your computer, there are two types of sounds that come from our live bidding page. One sound is a “tick” sound that is made any time a new message is populated in the “Messages” area. This can provide a helpful cue when bidding or watching the auction live. You can turn these sounds off by clicking the “New Message Sounds” button. The other sound is a chime that sounds when there is a lot advancement. This can also be disabled/enabled by clicking “Lot Change Sounds.”

Won or Lost Lot Messages

If you bid on a lot the live bidding page knows that you have an interest in the lot and will notify you when the lot is sold whether you won the lot or lost the lot. Those notifications look like this:

Won A Lot

Lost a Lot
Lost a Lot Screenshot


If you have questions about live bidding please contact us at 1-800-238-8022 or or use our live chat feature when it is available.




Technology Requirements

Preferred Browsers:
A general “rule-of-thumb” is to try and make sure that, regardless what browser you choose, you are using the most up-to-date version as possible. Any browser released within the last year should suffice, but here are some benchmarks to go off of.

  • Internet Explorer 10+ or Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox 45+
  • Google Chrome 50+
  • Opera 39+
  • Mac OS X (Safari 7.1+)

Recommended Screen Resolution: At least 1280 x 720 (720p) for the best experience

Supported Mobile Devices: No mobile devices are supported for live bidding at this time and we do not recommend using a mobile device for live bidding. However, our live auction page is mobile friendly down to at least a tablet and possibly some phones for following the auction. While bidding should also be possible on a mobile device, it is highly discouraged at this time.

A high speed broadband Internet connection is required for live video streaming.