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Elvis Presley's Revolvers Sell for World Record Prices

05/05/2017 By Joel Kolander A King's Ransom for The King's Revolvers   ROCK ISLAND, Ill – Two of Elvis Presley’s lavish revolvers sold for world...Read More
Smith & Wesson Owned By Elvis Presley

Colt Python And Smith & Wesson Elvis Presley

Rock Island Auction Company is proud and extremely excited to offer one of the most important, well documented and sensational caches of objects including personal...Read More
Preview Hall

RIAC Begins 2017 By Setting Records

02/22/2017 When you have been the world’s #1 firearms auction house since 2003, people notice. When you have the best year in industry history, shattering...Read More
Finest Dance Revolver

RIAC Shatters Industry Sales Record with $63 Million in 2016

12/7/2016 2016 had already proven itself to be a special year for Rock Island Auction Company. With the Robert Bretherton and Robert Lee Collections serving...Read More
Antique Winchester Rifle

Landmark Firearms Collections Lead the Way in September Premiere

With the one-two combination of the Robert "The Bear" Bretherton firearms Collection and the Robert M. Lee Collection, we knew we had something special in...Read More
Most Expensive Single Gun

Most Expensive Single Gun Ever Auctioned Draws $1.265 Million

5/14/2016 Most Expensive Single Gun Ever Auctioned Draws $1.265 Million ROCK ISLAND, Ill – A Model 1886 Winchester rifle presented to the man who captured...Read More

Huge Collector Firearms Auction Yields Huge Results - $7.3 Million

As you may have heard us mention once or twice, the 2016 February Regional Firearms Auction was the largest event to date in Rock Island...Read More

RIAC Announces Key Management Changes

Rock Island Auction Company Announces Key Management Changes ROCK ISLAND, Ill – Owner and President Pat Hogan has announced he is stepping down from the...Read More

RIAC Announces The Bretherton Firearms Collection

Rock Island Auction Company is proud and deeply honored to have been chosen to market at auction the legendary Robert “The Bear” Bretherton Firearms Collection....Read More