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$2.3M Armor Helps Bring Record Year

If anyone ever wondered whether Rock Island Auction Company knows how to end the year with a flair for the dramatic, the 2015 December Premiere...Read More

PRESS RELEASE - Egyptian Armor Sells for $2.3M

12/07/2015 Egyptian Armor Sells for $2.3M at Rock Island Auction Co. ROCK ISLAND, Ill – A shirt of Egyptian armor incorporating gold inlaid plates sold...Read More

Incredible Guns! Incredible Results!

The September Premiere Auctions seem to be getting more popular every year. Maybe it’s the hospitable Illinois weather this time of year or maybe the...Read More

Bids in Surprising Places

When one plays the markets, they expect certain behaviors from certain stocks. “Blue chip” stocks are generally massive companies that experience slow, steady growth, while...Read More

Vietnam War Hero to Sign Book at RIAC June Firearms Auction

Rock Island Auction Company is please to announce that Vietnam War hero Capt. William "Hawk" Albracht will be signing copies of his new book on...Read More

Bidding Wars Galore!

Spring is a magical time of year when everything becomes more active. Animals begin stirring & migrating, trees sprout their buds, school athletes fill the...Read More

RIAC's First Ever Four-Day Auction Delivers Fun & Results

When you mix a fun atmosphere with a lot of behind-the-scenes hard work, you end up with the type of success that accompanied Rock Island...Read More

Feeding Frenzy Finishes 2014 With $47.5 Million in Sales of Collector Firearms

Rock Island (December 10) – Rock Island Auction Company’s December 2014 Premiere Collector Firearms Auction proved to be quite an exciting and successful weekend. Not...Read More
Singer 1911 pistol M1911A1

RIAC's May Premiere Auction Draws Competitive Collectors

May 6, 2014     ROCK ISLAND, Ill. – Big crowds and intense bidding battles made for an action-filled weekend at Rock Island Auction Company’s...Read More